The System Date Picker sits in the top right of the screen. Like the Location Picker it controls the context for the system.

This screenshot displays how to pick a different location to use as the systems location context.


Click on the System Date Picker to open the System Date Selector Window.

Then select the Date to set as the new context.

System Effects

The System Date Picker will limit the data shown by setting the context of reports to use this date. For Example, if you select 01/15/2019 as the date for the Trial Balance report, the report will use January 2019, December 2018, and November 2018 as the balance columns.


If you change the date to 11/02/2018, the balance columns will now be November 2018, October 2018 and September 2018


Any date inputs will default to use this date.

*Note the user will need to logout and log back in for this effect to take hold.

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