Manage unposted journal entries from this page

Add/Edit Journal Entry

Populate all required fields and click submit to create a Journal entry in 'draft' status

Entry Type

  • Standard - Normal Journal Entry
  • Reversing - Journal will reverse on the date you choose. If this is selected a Reverse Date field will show. A reversing journal entry will have extra line items with reverse debit/credits and a posting date equal to that of the reverse date

Reference - Short text field for this journal

Transaction Date - The transaction date for this entry

  • Must be between Jan 2nd, 1999 and before or equal to today's date

Posted Date - The date the entry should be posted on

Currency - The posting currency of the debits and credits for this entry

Location - The Location/Entity to post this entry to

IC Location - Inter-Company Location to post this entry to

Customer - Customer associated with this entry

Vendor - Vendor associated with this entry

Line Item Fields

  • Ledger Account - Line Item account
  • Cost Center - Line Item cost center
  • Job - Line Item job
  • Product - Line Item product
  • Description - Short text field for the line item
  • Debit - Must be greater than or equal to 0
  • Credit - Must be greater than or equal to 0 Sum of the Debits and Sum of the Credits must be equivalent
  • Drop here to add Attachments - Drag and Drop up to 10 files to associated with this journal entry

Notes - Long form text field associated with this entry

Draft Journal List Actions

The following actions are available for the draft list

  • Post One -  Posts this journal entry (This cannot be un-done). Once Posted a Journal Entry cannot be changed. You will need to post an entry that reverses the one in question.
  • Edit -  Update journal entry
  • Delete -  Delete this journal entry
  • View Journal Line Items - Expand the row in order to view the Line Items for a journal entry


  • Bulk Post - Click the checkbox for each journal you wish to post, then click POST SELECTED to bulk post all the journals in question. A confirmation box will appear prior to posting.
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