Use this page to manage Locations(Entities) except for the Global Entity.

The Global Entity is managed on the Settings -> Company page. See this article for more detail: Global Entity

Add/Edit Location

Complete all the required fields and click submit. The Address, Entity Logo, and Entity Detail fields are only used if Use Location Entity on PDF Documents is turned on in System Settings.

  • Entity Logo - Image to show on PDF documents for this entity
  • Entity Detail - Details to use on PDF documents for this entity
  • Address - Address to use on PDF documents for this entity


  • Name - Name of the Entity
  • ID - Unique Identifier for this entity
  • Description - Extra text for this entity
  • Parent Location - Parent Location this Entity is a child of. The top level Location is Global
  • Currency - Reporting currency for this Entity
  • Forex Gain/Loss Account - Ledger Account to use for revaluing Forex rates at the end of the month
  • Retained Earning Account - Ledger Account to use to book Retained Earnings amounts for a Fiscal Year when closing an Accounting Year

List Actions

  • Edit - ¬†Update location fields
  • Delete - ¬†Delete this location, could fail if another object is using this, or this location has children
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