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This page allows you view all your crypto transactions and act on them:


Advanced Filter Transactions

Click the down arrow to show the filter by coin and/or wallet options:

Selecting either a coin will filter the list of shown transactions to those that have either the Sent, Received or Fee coin to those of the selected coin. Selecting a wallet works the same.

Add Transaction

Click the add transaction button to add a new

Run Cost Basis

Click the Cost Basis button to run the cost basis process starting from the oldest unlocked transaction. For more information see this article: Cost Basis

Auto-Run CB

Toggle this false to stop cost basis from running automatically after you create, edit or delete a crypto transaction. This is useful if you plan to add multiple transactions then run cost basis afterwards.

View Transactions

See this article for full information on all crypto transactions: Crypto Transaction List

Bulk Delete Transactions

You can select up to 100 transactions at a time. After selecting 1 transaction a red DELETE button will appear. Click this, then confirm the action to delete all the selected transactions.

Bulk Update Transactions

You can select up to 100 transactions at a time. SoftLedger allows you to bulk update certain fields for the selected transactions. If you select only deposits or only withdrawals you may also update the associated Ledger Account.

Merge Transactions

If you select one deposit and one withdrawal a MERGE button will appear. If the transactions meet this criteria:

  • They have the same coin.
  • They have different wallets.
  • Sent quantity and received quantity is equal.
  • Transaction Hash ID is empty for both or equal.

The transactions can then be merged. This results in both transactions being deleted and a new transfer transaction being created.
All metadata (Customer/Vendor/notes/reference) for the new transfer transaction will be pulled from the withdrawal. This can always be edited after the merge if needed.

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