Note: This article explains the columns and process of upload for uploading crypto transactions into SoftLedger. Be sure to review How to convert a crypto provider export into a SoftLedger upload for an example conversion file from BitGo exports into the SoftLedger Upload Template.

Navigate to Crypto > Upload

Click Bulk Upload Crypto Transactions

Complete the attached template, save as a .csv, .xls, or .xlsx file, then click Bulk Upload Crypto Transactions. Please also use the attached guide as a reference, as applicable, required, and optional fields vary by transaction type.

  • Choose the file.
  • Select your Rate Source. This is either manual (you input in the exact rate in your upload file) or automatically pulled from our rate source.
  • Click Upload and Post.

When completing the attached template, please use the following guide to the determine the appropriate data for each column:

type - Deposit, withdrawal, transfer (must be between 2 wallets that exist in SoftLedger), or trade
- Transaction date and time, in "MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM:SS" Format with AM or PM at the end.
- Received Quantity, # of coins received
- Received Price, market price per coin received
- Sent Quantity, # of coins sent
- Sent Price, the price per Sent Coin
- Fee Quantity, # of coins used to pay transaction fees
fPrice - Fee Price, the price per Fee Coin
- Symbol for Received Coin (aka "to" coin), the crypto asset balance that is increased as a result of the transaction. E.g. the rCoin.symbol is BTC for Bitcoin
- Name of received Wallet (aka "to" wallet)
- Symbol for sent coin (aka "from" coin), the crypto asset balance being decreased as a result of the transaction.
- Name of sent wallet (aka "from" wallet)
- Symbol for fee coin
- Wallet used to pay transaction fees
- Ledger account number for the debit side of the journal entry in Withdrawals (e.g. 620500 - Marketing Expense, for a paying these expenses with ETH) and the credit side of the journal entry for Deposits (e.g. 110000 - Cash, for purchasing BTC with USD).
- Customer unique id
- Vendor unique id
- Short form text field to add information related to a transaction
- Long Form text field to add any information related to a particular transaction.
- Symbol for the fiat currency for rPrice, sPrice, and fPrice.
txHash - Hash ID for on chain transactions.

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