For reference on bulk uploads see this article: Bulk Uploads

This page will give Invoice Upload specific bulk upload detail

Upload file and Select Currency of Bills

All bills will be uploaded in 'created' status, so they can be edited/deleted later

The upload template file is attached at the bottom of this article. Fields highlighted are required

Field List

*Fields headers are not case sensitive

*Only one of Description/Item.number should be set

  • number - unique id that groups line items together to form one bill
  • - Vendor ID for this line item
  • invoiceDate -  Invoice Date
  • postedDate - Posted date of the bill
  • dueDate - Due Date of the bill
  • - Location ID value for this line item
  • - Intercompany Location ID value for this line item
  • BillAccount.number - Ledger Account used for description line items
  • - Cost Center ID value for this line item
  • Job.number - Job number for this line item
  • - Product ID value for this line item
  • notes - Long form text for this bill
  • APAccount.number - Accounts Payable Ledger Account
  • Description - 255 character line item text field. If set requires BillAccount.number
  • Item.number - SoftLedger item number for this line item
  • Quantity - Number of items
  • amount - Per item price
  • taxAmount - Tax for this line.
  • reference - 255 character description for bill

Note:  Once you have added in custom dimensions, you can use them in bulk uploads by adding a column to the bulk journal, invoice, and bill upload templates with the name of the custom dimension followed by ".id". 

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