Review how to bulk upload Bills into the system and download the template and a sample file at the bottom of this article to do so.

For reference on bulk uploads see this article: Bulk Uploads

Upload file and Select Currency of Bills

All bills will be uploaded in 'created' status, so they can be edited/deleted later.

Any Bills uploaded that total to a negative amount will be added as an AP Credit rather than a Bill.

Column Headers

*Fields headers are not case sensitive

*Only one of Description/Item.number/Kit.number should be set with an entry

  • number - unique id that groups line items together to form one bill

  • - Vendor ID for this line item

  • invoiceDate -  Invoice Date

  • postedDate - Posted date of the bill

  • dueDate - Due Date of the bill

  • - Location ID value for this line item

  • - Intercompany Location ID value for this line item

  • BillAccount.number - Ledger Account used for description line items

  • - Cost Center ID value for this line item

  • Job.number - Job number for this line item

  • - Product ID value for this line item

  • notes - Long form text for this bill

  • APAccount.number - Accounts Payable Ledger Account

  • Description - 255 character line item text field. If set requires BillAccount.number

  • Item.number - SoftLedger item number for this line item

  • Kit.number - SoftLedger kit number for this line item

  • Quantity - Number of items

  • amount - Per item price

  • taxAmount - Tax for this line.

  • reference - 255 character description for bill

Note:  Once you have added in custom dimensions, you can use them in bulk uploads by adding a column to the bulk journal, invoice, and bill upload templates with the name of the custom dimension followed by ".id". 

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