Manage all vendors from this page

Add/Edit Vendor

Enter all required fields and click submit.

On initial vendor creation, you have the option to create an address and a contact. You may always create new addresses and contacts after initial creation.

The following fields are available

  • Name - The customer's name, this is used to reference the customer throughout the product
  • Email - The customer's email address, email address used for issuing invoices
  • Account Number - Account number for this vendor
  • EIN/SSN - EIN/SSN used for 1099 purposes
  • Track for 1099 - On to track this users bills for 1099 values


  • Details - Click the vendor name to view the vendor's detail Page. For more information see this article: Vendor Detail
  • Edit - ¬†Update vendor fields
  • Delete - ¬†Delete this vendor
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