1. Navigate to Link Banks and click Add Bank/CC

2. Select Your Financial Institution

Once you click Add Bank, you will be prompted to select your financial institution.

Enter your credentials and click Submit.

Note: If you change your bank account details such as your password, repeat the above process to update your bank integration.

4. Link the related ledger account

Once your financial institution is connected, all accounts will be available to link to a ledger account using the link button at right. Linking to a ledger account allows you to import the bank or credit card feed for reconciliation.

Select the respective ledger account to link by clicking the below icon:

And selecting the ledger account from your chart of accounts:

Once linked, you can refresh the data feed by clicking the Cog icon:

Or change the Name and Memo by clicking the Edit icon:

Lastly, you can delete the linked bank by clicking the Delete icon:

Columns on Link Banks page:

  • Name - User-generated name for the linked bank
  • Number - Auto-generated number for the linked bank
  • Type - Auto-generated type of ┬álinked bank (e.g. Credit Card, Bank)
  • Provider - Auto-generated provider from linked bank (e.g. Chase, Wells Fargo)
  • Status - Latest status from the linked bank (e.g. All Data Received)
  • Next Update - Date of the next automatic update to bring in transactions will occur
  • Last Update - Date of when the last update to bring in transactions occurred
  • Current Balance - Month-to-date balance for the linked bank (this is the bank balance, not the balance for the ledger account within SoftLedger)
  • Ledger Account - User-selected ledger account to link to bank transactions upon creation in the Reconcile tab

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