Apply Cash Receipts to any Invoices with status "issued" or "partialPayment" on this page:

Notes on navigation

  • The list of invoices will be limited to the matching currency of the cash receipt
  • Left To Apply show's how much of the receipt is left to apply
  • You can apply one cash receipt to multiple invoices at one time
  • All zero value rows(amount to pay) will not be used.
  • You may filter different fields to more easily apply receipts to a specific set of invoices.
  • Once all rows are populated, click submit to apply the receipt.


Cash Receipt - The Cash Receipt to apply to the invoices. Each item in the list shows the Cash Receipt number followed by the Customer's ID and name.

Columns from table:

  • Amount To Pay - Amount of the receipt to apply to the invoice
  • Payment Date - Date to mark as paid
  • Posting Date - Date to use to post associated journal entry. 
  • Memo - Text field for description of applying cash receipt that can be reviewed on Payments page
  • Yellow X - clear all entered values for that row

After applying the above to your selected invoices and clicking the blue Submit button, you will be prompted with a confirmation page:

Once confirmed, the amounts will be applied to the cash receipts as Payments, but will need to be approved on the Cash Management>Receive Cash>Payments tab (if your settings require this)

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