Pay approved or partiallyPaid Bills to from this page using Vendor Credits, Checks, or pay manually

Pay Bill

Column Inputs

  • Amount To Pay - Amount, in the specified currency, to apply as payment to the bill
  • Payment Date - Date to apply payment
  • Posting Date - Date to post payment to the AP Ledger
  • Memo - Optional memo, used as description field for journal entry
  • Refresh Icon - This icon will auto-fill the payment row with the Amount Due populating Amount to Pay and the Payment and Posted Dates populating from the System Date.
  • Clear Row - This icon will clean any contents entered into the row.

Payment Methods


To pay bills manually, Select Payment Method - Manual, then Choose the Ledger Account to apply funds from.

*Ignore the Left To Apply box when manual is selected

Vendor Credit

To apply a vendor credit to one or more bills, Select Payment Method - Vendor Credit, then choose the vendor credit to apply


*If you do not see this option, please contact your sales representative or contact

*For more detail see this article on setting up checking accounts: Set Up Checks

*At this time checks can only be created in USD

To pay by Check, Select Payment Method - Check, Then choose the bank to use for funds.

Confirm Payment

After all inputs are set, click Submit, then you will be presented with a summary of payments. Click confirm to apply the payment.

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