Manage Cash Receipts from this page

Add/Edit Cash Receipt

Populate all required fields and click submit.

The following fields are available:

  • Type - Type of cash received: "Charge" "Check" "Wire" "ACH"
  • Amount - Total amount received
  • Description - Short text description
  • Number - Unique number for the receipt
  • Customer - Customer receiving cash from
  • Ledger Account - Ledger Account used to receive cash to. (alternate side from AR account when applying receipt to invoice).
  • Unapplied Cash Account - Account to post unapplied cash to. Only used if System Setting "Post Journal on Cash Receipt Creation(Unapplied Cash)" is enabled
  • Location - Location to post cash to
  • Currency - Currency of cash received
  • Receive Date - Date cash was received
  • Posting Date - Date to post journal entry on creation
  • Apply To Invoices - Toggle on if you plan to apply this cash receipt to an invoice at some point. Toggle off if you will NEVER apply this receipt to an invoice.


  • Details - Click the Cash Receipt number to view its details. More information is available in this article: Cash Receipt Detail
  • Edit -  Update cash receipt
  • Void -  - Void cash receipt. 
  • Delete -  Delete this cash receipt
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