View and mark items received on this page:


  • Receive Quantity - Number of item's to mark as received (Note: Quantity - Quantity Received = Number available to receive)
  • Receive Unit Cost - Per Unit Price to use when received Note:Defaults to per unit price marked on the PO, but can be overwritten with any amount
  • Posting Date - Date to Post entry to the Ledger


  • Fulfill Row - Click the refresh icon (below) to auto populate the receive line with the total remaining quantity to receive, the unit cost as the amount listed in the PO, and the Posted Date as the set System Date (upper right corner of the screen)
  • Clear Row - Click the icon yellow X icon (below) to clear the row of any inputs entered into that row
  • Receive Rows - Click the Receive Rows button at the top left of the table. You can receive multiple lines at the same time,. When clicking the button, a prompt will appear to confirm the receipt:
  • Receive to an Alternate Warehouse - Click the dropdown arrow next to the Receive Rows button to choose to receive items to an alternate warehouse than that listed on the Purchase Order:
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