Manage Purchase Orders from this page:

Add/Edit Purchase Order

Enter all required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank Purchase Order to complete.

The following fields are available:

  • Vendor - PO's vendor (click the + icon to Add New Vendor)
  • Template - PDF template to use
  • Reference - PO Reference Field
  • Warehouse - Warehouse to receive items to (click the + icon to Add New Warehouse)
  • Delivery Date - Expected Delivery date of items
  • Posting Date - Journal posted date of the invoice
  • Currency - currency invoice is created in
  • Location - Location to post the invoice to
  • Intercompany Location - Intercompany Location to post the invoice to
  • Inventory Accrual Account - Ledger Account used to record the liability upon receiving items, prior to entering the related bill into Accounts Payable

Line Items

  • Item/Description - click  to toggle between a description/item/kit line item. 
  • Cost Center - The line items associated cost center
  • Job - The line items associated job, only this customers jobs will be available
  • Product - The line items product.
  • Inventory Account - if the line item is an Item this is a reference to the Item's Inventory account.
  • Quantity - Number of items
  • Amount - Price per item
  • Tax Code - Select the tax code to apply a percentage tax to the Purchase Order
  • Tax Amount - Populated from the Tax Code or manually entered 
  • Total - Quantity * Amount + Tax Amount
  • Notes - Long form text field for extra information regarding this object.
  • Drop here to add attachments - Drag and Drop attachments to upload them and associate them with the object
  • Notes - Long form text field for extra information regarding this object.


  • Details - Click the bill number to view the PO's detail Page. For more information see this article: PO Detail
  • Attachments - - Click to view a list of the PO's attachments and download.
  • PDF -  - Click to bring up a PDF preview of the PO. Click anywhere on the preview to download the PO
  • Email - Click to email an issued PO to the vendor.
  • Delete -  Delete this bill
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