Manage your custom financial reports setup and mapping from Settings>Reports:

Manage Reports

Create New Report

Click Create New Report, to add a new financial report.


  • Report Group - This will be the top level name of the report
  • Invert Balance - If turned On, will show credits as positive

Edit Report

Select a Report Group and click Submit to begin editing a report:

The following actions are available:

  • Save Report - Save any updates you have made
  • Edit Details - Edit the name or toggle Invert Balance
  • Create Copy - Create a new report using the current as a template
  • Delete - Permanently Delete this report(Cannot be un-done)

Note: Report Groups contain one or more child report groups. They may also contain one or more "Report Mappings", which contain either a Ledger Account or a Ledger Account Subtype.

The report group editor allows the following actions:

  • Drag and Drop Report Groups
  • Add Group
  • Edit Details
  • Select Account
  • Delete
  • Remove mapping

Drag & Drop Groups

  • Grab the "handle" ¬†(grey hamburger menu icon) on the left side of the group and drag it to a new position.
  • It can be dragged to a new nested location or change its order in the current level of the hierarchy.
  • If moved, all the children groups will be moved along with it.

Add Group

  • Click the menu icon, then click Add Group to add a new child Group

Select Account

Click the vertical ellipsis menu icon, then click Select Account. Choose a Location and then select the Mapping Type:

  • A single Ledger Account
  • A Ledger Account Subtype, that will pull all Ledger Accounts with that Subtype
  • A Formula, primarily used to map Current Period Net Income to the Balance Sheet:
SUM(debit - credit) for all Revenue and Expense Journal Entries, within the Date Range selected for the Report (excluding any Closing Entries)


  • Click the menu icon, then click Delete to remove this group and ALL of its children Groups.

Remove Mapping

  • Click the X icon for the report mapping to remove it from the group¬†
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