1. Navigate to Crypto > Coins

From here you will be presented with list of all your Crypto Assets/Coins

This list has the following columns

* Note this list is based on the System Date. i.e. The balances and rates are as of the system date.

* Columns(owned, value, total cost basis and unrealized gain/loss) will not be accurate if Cost Basis has not been run successfully for all transactions.

Name - The name of the crypto asset

Symbol - The symbol of the crypto asset

Current Rate(24HR%) - Shows the current market rate in your  Crypto Home Currency as well as the percentage change over the last 24 hours

Owned - The number of coins currently in your possession

Value - Total value of the coins in your possession, in your Crypto Home Currency. (i.e. Current Rate * Owned = Value)

Total Cost Basis - Sum of cost basis of the coins in your possession.

Unrealized Gain/Loss - The total unrealized gain or loss of the coin currently in your possession.

If you click the delete button

the asset will be hidden from this view. Transactions with this coin will still be visible on the Transactions page.

To un-hide the coin, follow the steps to add the coin again.

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