Manage and view full detail of a single PO from this page:


Tabs on the PO Detail screen include Details, Emails, Receive, Adjustments


This tab has the full detail of the Purchase Order. Additional fields to the Add/Edit screen are:

  • Status - Current status of the PO (Created, Issued, Partially Fulfilled, Fulfilled)
  • Received - Percentage of item's received
  • PO number - Unique identifier for the PO:


  • PDF -  - Click to bring up a PDF preview of the PO. Click anywhere on the preview to download the PO
  • Edit -  Update PO fields
  • Delete -  Delete this PO


This tab shows all POs sent to the email address on file for the vendor of the PO:

  • See the recipient and timestamp of the email
  • Click into the blue highlight text under the ID column to see more information about the sent email(s):


Conveniently mark items, from this PO only, as received from this tab.

For more information see this article: Receive Items


From here, you will be able to view all the stock adjustments as a result of receiving items related to this PO

For more information see this article: Stock

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