SoftLedger has the ability to bulk upload objects from csv/excel files to facilitate data creation.

All bulk upload pages will have a similar table and fields as follows

The following fields are present on this screen:

  • Name - Name of the file uploadedClick the name to pull up the jobs status and detail
  • Run On - The timestamp when the bulk upload job was run
  • Type - The type of bulk upload job, this will be the type of object.
  • ID - The System Job Identifier. On the Draft Journal list or Journal report, this would be the System Job ID column reference. Signifying that journal entry was created as a result of this bulk upload job
  • Status - status of the job
  • Progress - progress of the jobClick the Refresh Button to update the status of any outstanding jobsĀ 


Bulk upload errors will mostly have two columns. The first column will be a reference to the file row causing the issue, and the second column will be the comma separate list of errors on that row.

For Example:

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