The AR Aging report breaks down the amount outstanding in issued invoices for each customer. The report is organized into 30 day buckets and breaks out the amounts owed by each customer in those buckets. The report will only pull from invoices with the status of issued, overdue or partialPayment. Created, voided, and paid status invoices are not taken into account for this report. The amounts represented in each bucket are calculated based off of the invoice date (e.g. invoice date of 5/15/2020 would be represented in the 31-60 bucket on 6/20/2020). Here is an example:

You can further review a single customer's invoices by clicking the dropdown arrow on the far left of the screen, next to the customer name:

 It is also important to note that the data represented in the reports is as of the system date in the top right of your screen:

This means that the calculation for days from invoice date starts at the system date (e.g. system date set to 1/1/2020, invoice date of 12/20/2020 would be bucketed in the 0-30 range, even if today's date is 5/15/2020). This allows you to see the AR Aging of your customers from a specific date in time, making it easier to review historical data.

Similarly, adjusting the system location picker will limit the data shown to invoices entered for the selected location and its children:


  • Update System Date Picker - Changes the starting date of the aging buckets
  • Update System Location Picker - Updating the system location will limit the balances to invoices posted in the selected location or any of its children
  • View Customers Invoices - Click to expand and view all invoices which fit the criteria

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