Manage invoices from this page

Add Invoice

Enter all required fields and click submit.

When an invoice is created, its status is 'created', and associated journal entries are created in 'draft' status.

An invoices journal entries cannot be modified, you must edit the invoice itself and the associated journals will be updated.

Once an invoice is Issued, the journal entries will be posted.

The following fields are available

Customer - Invoice's customer

Template - Template to use when created a PDF of this invoice. See this article for more information: Templates

Invoice Date - Date of the invoice

Posting Date - Journal posted date of the invoice

Type - optional type field for invoices. You may type to create a new type on the fly.

Due Date - Date the invoice is due

Location - Location to post the invoice to

Intercompany Location - Inter-Company Location to post the invoice to

AR Account - Ledger Account to use as the Accounts Receivable side of the journal entry

Currency - currency invoice is created in

Line Items

  • Item/Description - click  to toggle between a description/item/kit line item. 
  • Job - The line items associated job, only this customers jobs will be available
  • Product - The line items product.
  • Invoice Account - if the line item is a description type, this will be the alternate side of the journal entry from the AR Account
  • Quantity - Number of items
  • Amount - Price per item
  • Total - Quantity * Amount

Drop here to add attachments - Drag and Drop attachments to upload them and associate them with the invoice

Notes - Long form text field for extra information regarding this invoice


Details - Click the invoice number to view the invoice's detail Page. For more information see this article: Invoice Details

Attachments - - Click to view a list of the invoices attachments and download.

PDF -  - Click to bring up a PDF preview of the invoice. Click anywhere on the preview to download the invoice

Issue -  - Click to issue the invoice. This does the following

  • Set the invoice to status 'issued'
  • Posts invoice associated journal entries
  • If System Settings "Email On Invoice Issued" is On then a PDF of the invoice will be emailed to the customer's email address if set.

Email - Click to resend the invoice to the customer's email address.

Edit -  Update invoice fields

Void -  - Void invoice. This does the following

  • Sets the invoice to status 'voided'
  • Posts a journal entry reversing the issued entry.

Delete -  Delete this invoice












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