Manage and view full detail of a single Sales Order or Quote from this page:


Tabs on the SO Detail screen include Details, Emails, Fulfill, Adjustments


This tab has the full detail of the Sales Order. Additional fields to the Add/Edit screen are

  • Status - Current status of the Sales Order
  • Fulfilled - Percentage of item's fulfilled
  • SO number - Unique identifier for the SO


This tab shows all SOs sent to the email address on file for the customer of the SO:

  • See the recipient and timestamp of the email
  • Click into the blue highlight text under the ID column to see more information about the sent email(s):


Conveniently mark items, from this SO only, as fulfilled from this tab.

For more information see this article: Fulfill SO


From here, you will be able to view all the stock adjustments as a result of fulfilling items related to this SO

For more information see this article: Stock


Take the following actions for Sales Order or Quote from this page:

  • PDF - - Click to bring up a PDF preview of the SO. Click anywhere on the preview to download the SO.
  • Edit - Update SO fields
  • Issue - Issue a Sales Quote (If System Setting "Email On Sales Quote Issued", an email will be sent to the Customer's email address with a PDF of the Sales Quote).
  • Accept - - Mark Sales Quote as accepted (Converts Quote to Order). Upon acceptance, user will be prompted with an 'Accept Quote' modal to adjust Order and Delivery Date, as well as the and Order Template (if a different PDF template is preferred between Quote and Order):
  • Reject - Mark Quote as rejected (Update Quote status to 'rejected')
  • Create Invoice - Create an Invoice using this Sales Order as a template.
  • Create Purchase Order - Create a Purchase Order using information from this Sales Order
  • Delete - Delete this SO

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