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*All Fields below "Low Stock Notification" are your companies Custom Fields

  • Name - Item's name
  • Sales Price - Default Price to sell item at (Show's on Sales Orders and Invoices by default, when Item is selected)
  • SKU - Unique SKU for the item
  • Description - Short text field describing the item
  • Invoice Account - Credit side of the journal entry when added to a customer invoice
  • Bill Account - Debit side of the journal entry for items added to vendor bills
  • Inventory Account - Inventory asset account, debited when receiving and credited when fulfilling
  • COGS Account - Expense account debited when fulfilling Sales Orders
  • Low Stock Notification - Turn on to trigger an email when stock quantity is below threshold
  • Low Stock Threshold - Threshold to trigger email on, when stock is less than this number
  • Low Stock Email - Email to send low stock notification to
  • Custom Fields - See this article for more information Custom Fields

List Actions

  • Item Detail - Click the Item Number to view extra details about the itemSee this article for more detail: Item Detail
  • Edit -  Update item fields
  • Create Duplicate -  Create a new Item with this item as the template
  • Delete -  Delete this item, could fail if another object is using this.

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