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SoftLedger has the ability to automatically sync transactions from crypto exchanges. If there is an exchange you'd like us to integrate with please contact our support team.

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Navigate to the Crypto -> Integrations:

From this page you can view all of your current integrations with the below information:

  • Type - Exchange this integration syncs with

  • Name - Name of the integration

  • Wallet - The linked wallet for the integration. You must create a wallet to add the integration to before setting up the integration. It is recommended that you have one wallet for one exchange integration.

  • Enabled - A green check mark means the integration is enabled, and red X means disabled

  • Run Cost Basis After Sync -Green check mark indicates enabled, and red X indicates disabled (see below for more information).

  • Last Run - Timestamp for the last time the integration synced successfully. The edit icon within this column allows you to select the start date for which the integration will sync from.

  • Status:

  • Running - currently syncing

  • Done - last sync was successful

  • blank - it has never run

  • Failed/Error - Please contact support at support@softledger.com

  • View Details - Click to view/edit current configuration

  • Run Now - Immediately run the integration. Will fail if already running

  • Delete - Deletes the integration, all created transactions will remain

Add Integration

Click the Add Integration button to create a new integration. Most will require the below information to be set up:


  • Name - Arbitrary name to reference this integration, useful if you have multiple Integrations with the same exchange.

  • Enabled - True/False to allow the integration to sync

  • Run Cost Basis After Sync - Integrations sync daily. To have cost basis run after each daily sync, enable this toggle. If you would prefer to only run cost basis by manually clicking the Run Cost Basis button, then disable this toggle.

  • Wallet - SoftLedger Wallet to create all the transactions under, we recommend creating a separate wallet specific to this Exchange

  • API Key - API Key generated from the exchange

  • API Secret - API Secret generated from the exchange

Note: For best results, the API Key and Secret should be generated and used solely for SoftLedger. If the API Key and Secret are used with more than one more platform, this will affect performance.

Follow the steps from the support guides for the specific integration below:

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