1. Log into Bitstamp

  2. Click Account, Security, API Access, then click + New API Key

4. Leave all fields blank, except Two-Factor Authentication Code. And tick the boxes for Account Balance and User Transactions:

5. Record your Key and Secret values. You're secret will not be visible again

6. Click Activate, then check your email for the verification link. 


  1. Navigate to Crypto -> Integrations, and click Add Integration, Select Bitstamp, then populate the input details

  • Name - Arbitrary name to reference this integration, useful if you have multiple Kraken Integrations

  • Enabled - True/False to allow the integration to sync

  • Wallet - SoftLedger Wallet to create all the transactions under, we recommend creating a separate wallet specific to this Exchange

  • API Key - Bitstamp Key from previous step

  • API Secret - Bitstamp Key from previous setup

  • Client Id - Bitstamp Customer ID (used for login). This is visialbe on this page:

2. Click Submit.

3. After you complete you have the option to sync with Bitstamp immediately, otherwise it will re-sync every 24 hours to keep things updated.

How it works

When it syncs

  • Whenever a user clicks "Run Now" on the integrations page

  • Every 24 hours starting at Midnight UTC the day after it is created

What it syncs


The integration will sync all deposits from Bitstamp


The integration will sync all withdrawals from Kraken


The integration will sync all trades done in Bitstamp

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