Crypto Specific Updates will now be added to the standard updates article.


#1493 - Fixed issue preventing users from filtering Ledger Account, Customer and Vendor on the Wallet transaction list page


#1461 - Better error for when a crypto bulk upload transaction is in a locked period.

#1202 - Better performance for deleting crypto transactions.

#3177 - Fixed a rare issue where cost basis is incorrect when two transfers are at the same exact time stamp and transfer coins back and forth to the same wallet.

#3176 - Increased performance when initializing cost basis.


#3120 - Costbasis scaling enhancements for 1M+ transaction volume per run


#3030 - Fixed issue causing transfers without a fee to show journal entries as stale.
#2980 - Better stability for binance integration coin creation.


#2981 - Date to next run cost basis from is now set more accurately when creating transactions from bulk upload and integrations. General performance enhancements for adding crypto transactions as well.

#2925 - Fixed issue causing cost basis to trigger after a crypto integration finished despite it being turned off.

#2635 - Fixed issue causing coin prices to still show up after clicking submit and new.

#2990 - Fixed several issues causing journals to show stale for transfers without fees.


#66 - Added button to create a new wallet directly when adding an integration.
#2936 - Deprecated per user setting to automatically run cost-basis.
#2921 - Adding/editing a crypto transaction and clicking outside of the form will no longer close the form.
#2873 - Split up crypto cost basis journal posting from cost basis calculation. This should significantly improve cost basis calculation speed.
#2695 - Further speed improvements to cost basis speed.
#2901 - Updates to scale Kraken Integration. When pulling in historical data, we now pull in one month of data a time.
#2879 - Fixed an issue where cost basis could potentially re-run before the lock date in some situations.
#2525 - Users can now close crypto accounting periods as long as cost basis is complete through the end of that period.
#2897 - Users can now modify crypto transactions while cost basis is running.


#2761 - Fixed an issue preventing users from cancelling an in progress cost basis run.

#2834 - Updated Kraken integration to have improved performance.


#2762 - Update to help prevent “Invalid Nonce” issues when syncing Kraken.
#2701 - Fixed an issue where the top header row did not line up accurately on the crypto transactions page.
#2759 - Updated binance integration to pull deposits/withdrawals older than 90 days on initial sync.


#2058 - Selecting coins to create order coins by market rate now.


#2618 - Updates to costbasis to help reduce failed to build journal errors.
#2658 - Fixed an issue allowing users to set additional fields when bulk uploading crypto transactions.


#2505 - Fixed typo in crypto cost basis error page.

#202 - Added a refresh button to the crypto integrations page.

#2506 - Failing to close crypto accounting period now gives more specific error.

#2585 - Fixed an error preventing users from updating crypto transactions to have $0 price.


#2449 - Fixed an issue that caused crypto transaction dates to modify the date by your laptop timezones offset from UTC when editing.


#364 - Better handling of crypto deposit journal entries, they are now created while cost basis is run.

#2321 - Improved handling of unpicking cost-layers when re-running cost basis for 1M+ transactions.


#2326 - Added a setting to crypto integrations to only run cost basis optionally each time it syncs


#2292 - Fixed error causing coin detail page to not show when the coin is custom without a rate symbol.
#2283 - Confirm to delete setting now applies to deleting crypto transactions.


#2243 - Fixed issue preventing users from bulk importing transactions which have a custom coin with lowercase letters.


#2135 - Updates to improve speed of coins page.


#2082 - Crypto transaction audit logs now show full timestamp for date field.

#2083 - Fixed an error causing crypto bulk uploads to use incorrect timestamp if your system was previously set to not use UTC.


#2054 - Fixed an issue showing date in browsers timezone instead of UTC when editing a transaction.
#2056 - Updates to continue support for gemini integration


#1725 - Better error handling for wallets with duplicate names.


#1865 - Coinbasepro integration updates for profile transfers


#1642 - Enhanced performance of crypto transactions page.
#1734 - Updated ledger account, now correctly updates coin detail page account labels.
#1739 - Crypto transaction “ID” columns now shows by default.


#1715 - Fixed an issue preventing users from exporting crypto transactions


#258 - Coin details page no available, including running balance of coin transactions.


#922 - Fixed an issue causing crypto journals to become orphaned.


#1520 - Fixed an issue causing withdrawals from displaying the proper amount of coins when selecting a fee coin for a specific wallet.


#1481 - Fixed an issue causing costbasis to fail to create journals.
#1329 - Updated the coin selector when creating transactions to filter by symbol and name.
#861 - An appropriate error is now shown when users try to update their home currency when it cannot be changed.


#1347 - Fixed an issue causing the next date to run crypto cost basis from updating without a page refresh.
#1393 - Fixed an issue causing Coinbase pro to hit rate limits.


#1069 - Fixed an error preventing crypto tx updates from removing notes/references.
#1065 - Added button on coin list page to refresh balances on demand.
#1013 - Fixed issue causing custom coins to not pull market rate on coin list page
#1014 - Fixed an issue preventing users from updating wallet details.
#1068 - Fixed an issue preventing users from creating withdrawals when they started entering deposit information and switched types.
#1016 - Updated Gemini exchange integration logo.
#1064 - Added wallet name to wallet transactions page for better context.


#956 - Fixed an issue allowing crypto deposits/withdrawals from being created without ledger accounts set.
#786 - Fixed an issue preventing users from updating crypto transaction prices.


#921 - Added extra steps to help confirm journal entries are created for deposit type crypto transactions.
#932 - Fixed an issue allowing transfers to have an rPrice/sPrice set.


#897 - Deprecated Poloniex from crypto integrations.
#894 - Fixed an issue preventing coin list from exporting when market rates aren’t available.


#41 - Crypto Transactions by location.
#759 - Update API docs to show currency as required field for crypto transaction create.
#647 - Improved crypto transaction create speed for exchange integrations.
#730 - Improved error catching for crypto costbasis process, will help reduce hung cost basis issues.
#733 - Better error handling for deleting a wallet with linked transactions.
#720 - Filtering by lock status in crypto transaction page now working.
#750 - When adding a custom coin, the rate symbol is limited to coins we can pull rates for.
#374 - You can now bulk update certain fields for crypto transactions.


#653 - API update to prevent transfers from being created with differing rQty and sQty values.
#654 - API updates to prevent bad values from being added to crypto deposits.
#495 - Further scaling enhancements for cost basis.
#656 - Added missing fields for crypto transaction POST to API documents.


#620  - Addressed an issue where the display date for next costbasis run date is incorrect.


#384 - Binance integration, and crypto costbasis speed enhancements.
#329 - Added ability to start crypto integrations from a specific date. Caveat to this, is that starting balances will need to be added as transfers or deposits prior to the start date to allow cost basis to calculate properly.


#330 - Crypto Integration list formatting updates


#490 - Transaction date filter, now filters by time and date
#486 - Crypto bulk upload improvements for auto-creating coins.
#507 - Crypto Transaction page defaults Auto-Run CostBasis to ‘off’ now, and remembers users preference when they update it.


#347 - Fixed an issue preventing users from merging multiple sets of crypto transactions in succession.
#393 - Updated text on crypto trade modal, to add consistency.
#396 - Users can now add/update crypto transaction txHash
#348 - Merged crypto transactions did not delete previous journal reference.
#397 - Added ability to filter crypto transactions by wallet and/or coin.
#389 - Disable entering coin field until wallet is selected when adding crypto transfers/trades/withdrawals. (edited) 


#339 - Crypto Integrations page now display associated wallet.


#320 - Updated kraken integration to handle trades using "KFEE" as the fee asset.


#hf - Updates to bitfinex integration accuracy.


#263 - Added multi-select for crypto transaction type filter.
#260 - Added dividers to add clarity to crypto transaction screen.
#271 - Fixed an issue causing kraken integration to show permission denied for withdrawals.


#203 - Added enabled column to crypto integration list.
#244 - Added speed enhancements to crypto integrations.


#116 - Scaling updates for binance integration
#172 - Display error when crypto transaction bulk upload notes or reference field is too long.


#190 - Clarified coin list and wallet coin list "owned" column to say "quantity".
#199 - Fixed broken integration image link.


#hotfix - Redeploy on bulk crypto module to allow txHash to upload.


#137 - Fixed an issue causing cost basis to fail, due to a random divide by zero error.
#76 - Updated Coin list to have more coins and better display.


#84 - Updates for exchange sync performance.
#48 - Moved crypto integration permissions to admin role.
#42 - Fixed issue causing bitfinex integration percentage to show above 100%
#20 - Added Gemini Integration
#18 - Added Kucoin Integration



#1065 - Fixed an issue causing wallet and coin export to fail.
#1071 - Fixed an issue causing extra journal entries to be created from crypto deposits. 


New Features

#605 - You can now merge a deposit and withdrawal into a transfer. Click here for more information.
#669 - You can now edit the type of a deposit or withdrawal and change it to a transfer or trade.
#1051 - You can now set the transaction hash ID with our crypto bulk upload form.


#1043 - Fixed formatting of long wallet names on wallet details page.
#1061 - Fixed an error that showed when switching tabs on the wallet details page.



#1018 - Default cost basis column width wider to allow better visibility.



#996 - Crypto Integration create/update/delete now creates audit logs.



#867 - Fixed an issue causing exaggerated cost basis values to be used for transfers posted in currencies which differ from the systems crypto home currency.


New Stuff

#859 - Bittrex integration is now available.


#938 - Fixed an issue causing exchange integrations to fail resulting in a hung cost basis.


New Stuff

#838 - Added a toggle switch which allows you to skip auto-running of cost basis when manually adding/editing/deleting crypto transactions.


New Stuff

#900 - Add a per-user setting to hide coins with zero balance from the coin list



#755 - Binance integration updated to pullin coin values more accurately and pull from a wider range of trading pairs.
#901 - Fixed an error when you filter by trade type, then remove the filter.
#917 - Updated the hide coin button to make it more clear that the coin is hidden and not deleted.
#927 - Cost layers pop-up now hides when you click outside of it.


New Stuff

#888 - Exchange Integrations now show progress(%) and allow you to update the date to start running from.
#920 - Truncate trailing zeros from coin quantities.


New Stuff

#908 - If cost basis is not up to date, you will now see a warning notifying you.
#913 - You can now cancel cost basis while it is running. This is helpful if it was auto-triggered and you still want to add more transactions.
#622 - CoinbasePro integration
#918 - Wallet Details page enhancements


#904 - Costbasis enhancements and bugfixes


New Stuff

#895 - Crypto Custom Coins have a new field, "Rate Symbol", this can be used to automatically pull rates for a custom coin.
#889 - Add fiat currencies as crypto coins.
#856 - Kraken exchange integration
#857 - Bitstamp exchange integration
#906 - Crypto Transactions wallet columns now have links to the wallet details page.
#899 - Added a link to the user guide in the settings menu.


#905 - Bulk uploads for crypto transactions with currency different than crypto home currency were not using historical fx rates.
#887 - Bitfinex integration not creating USDT coin properly

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