#682 - Fixed an issue preventing filtering via FX revalue column.
#666 - Fixed an issue preventing users from editing forex rates during month end revaluation.
#529 - Scaling enhancements for paginating through audit logs.
#552 - Improved performance for pulling forex rates.
#608 - Fixed a typo when bulk deleting. “Deleteing -> Deleting”.
#664 - Fixed an issue causing the financials page to not reload when updating system location context.
#665 - Fixed an issue preventing users from updating a draft journal’s currency.


#hf - Fixed an issue causing invoice and purchase order default line item type to always use ‘item’.
#607 - Fixed issues with pagination on some tables.


#606 - Fixed capitalization of Intercompany in settings page.


#588 - Year end closing entry now ignores previous closing entries when calculating.
#336 - Journal details now show AR and AP related fields when possible.
#496 - Better error messages when failing to create custom fields.
#335 - Updated tables to use multi-selects for columns when possible.
#561 - Added warning when closing a period that has un-posted journals.
#586 - Fixed an issue causing tables to load slowly due to them requesting data twice.
#53 - Added ability to reverse a posted journal from the details page.
#578 - Updated journal report to allow multi-select of source ledger filtering.


#553 - Fixed an issue causing vendor detail bills from not filtering.
#490 - Updated table date filter
#510 - You can now edit invoices in bulk
#503 - Added customer description to invoice customer selector.
#504 - Added new system setting to default document line items by type (description/invoice/kit).
#477 - Fixed an issue allowing users to edit invoice posting dates to be in the future.
#487 - After a bulk job completes, the list of jobs refreshes to show latest job status.
#506 - Journal detail now breaks out intercompany and elimination lines for clarity.
#494 - System company settings no longer requires phone number.
#508 - New invoice bulk action to download multiple PDFs simultaneously.
#509 - Added customer and vendor to General Ledger summary.
#530 - Enhancements to speed up year end closing.
#559 - Single Currency systems can now post journals in the future
#562 - Fixed an issue preventing users from editing draft


#447 - Update API docs to show address/contact endpoints
#456 - Added new reference field to invoices
#483 - Performance enhancements for draft journals page
#502 - Product name and id are available on invoice templates now
#399 - New Purchase Order Detail page, can now export all line items


#390 - Added Customer to list of options for cash receipt select.
#269 - Added button to pull crypto price rate when adding a manual transaction.
#449 - Fixed an issue preventing intercompany lines from showing in journal detail modal.
#97 - Added ability to create journal entries for invoices and bills.
#460 - Fixed an issue preventing items from being created


#379 - Fixed an issue where financial reports were not inverting balances on export.
#332 - Added ability to edit draft journal entries when viewing their details.
#357 - Fixed an issue preventing trial balance break down by currency to not include elimination entries.
#346 - Added more descriptive errors to bulk journal uploads with mismatching inter company locations.


#345 - Fixed an issue where stock adjustment journals were not getting created.
#340 - System scaling and speed enhancements.
#333 - General Ledger export is now ordered by account number.
#331 - Added ability to bulk issue invoices.
#334 - Default order of document pages, now shows most recent first.


#hf - Fixed an issue causing journals to not manually post


#290 - Fixed an issue causing failed check payments.
#309 - Deprecate old services.


#252 - Scaling enhancements for journals.
#119 - Added more '*' for printed check values.
#262 - Added icon next to date selector, to better indicate it can be changed.


#222 - Fixed an issue where the bill pay screen doesn't paginate.
#195 - Fixed an issue preventing vendor payment exports 


#204 - Editing draft journals may display a date off by the timezone difference of a users computer vs the system timezone.
#156 - Financial statement accounts now show in order by account number.
#207 - Updated Bill date field from "Bill Date" to "Invoice Date" for better consistency.
#164 - Fixed an error preventing users from editing cash receipts.
#39 - When creating or editing a document you now must click cancel in order to close the window.
#206 - Fixed an error where filtering journals by system job fails.
#223 - Bill Pay and Vendor Credit list don’t filter by location.


#181 - Fixed formatting when paying a bill by a vendor credit.
#196 - Fixed broken link for default user profile picture.


#117 - General Ledger summary export, brand new report.
#hotfix - Fixed an issue causing General Ledger Detail to not export.
#hotfix - Updated inventory costbasis speed.


#139 - Removed ability to delete top level report group.
#140 - Sorting by customer/vendor ID fixed, sorts as numbers now instead of text.
#71 - Fixed an issue allowing accounts to post to parent locations.
#153 - Added the ability to edit report groups in line(name and inversion).
#152 - Fixed an issue causing financial reports with inverted groups to display incorrectly.
#154 - Fixed an issue causing exported reports in certain excel versions to not display indented rows.
#158 - Fixed an issue causing images not to load in the latest update of chrome.
#135 - Vendor credit number field can now accept text as well as numbers.


#134 - Financials exports display values as numeric accounting format now.
#117 - Fixed an issue preventing contacts from being updated.
#hotfix - Fixed an issue making it difficult to enter currency values.


#103 - Click to view reconciled journal from bank feeds.
#77 - Location filtering for draft journals page
#102 - Bank feed transactions now post in system time instead of UTC.


#90 - New setting for enabling intercompany elimination entries. See this for for information.
#79 - Widened report editor.
#78 - Auto-close Forex modal when successfully revaluing entries.
#80 - Performance enhancements to some tables.
#3 - Reworded some bulk action confirm boxes
#1 - New Setting for cash receipts which allows them to never be applied to invoices, and just used as a store of value.



#1069 - Fixed an issue causing year end dates to be inaccurate for accounting periods.
#1072 - Fixed an issue causing bulk journal uploads to fail some times.


New Features

#1020 - You can now edit the name of Global Location.
#1038 - Hovering over a Ledger Account input with lots of text will give a pop up revealing more text.
#1044 - Bulk upload windows automatically close on success.


#1035 - Fixed an issue preventing an address from being selected for a payment.
#1039 - Links to some help center articles were incorrect.
#1041 - CSV exports display an error if they fail, instead of spinning forever.
#1061 - Report builder menu now closes when you click outside of it.


New Features

#1007 - Currency values now left justify the currency code/symbol to provide a cleaner look to reports.
#1004 - You can now add "Item SKU" to PDF templates.
#1019 - A new setting is available to allow you to hide the Location ("00 -") value from financial statements.


#1010 - When copying an invoice the date fields are not blank forcing the user to review the copy before blindly creating.
#1003 - Fixed an issue causing inverted report group totals to not show as inverted for Global location.
#1014 - Filtering account subtypes when adding an account or account subtype to a report now works.
#1034 - General ledger detail now shows transactions for child locations.


New Stuff

#982 - General Ledger Page is now split. Summary contains the previous GL report, and "Detail" contains a single account running balance report.


#989 - Fixed an issue allowing a vendor or customer to have multiple default addresses.
#1000 - Fixed an issue causing draft journal export to fail if certain columns weren't hidden.
#1001 - Fixed an issue blocking bulk selection when selecting individual rows.
#1002 - Updated create duplicate buttons to create "template".



#994 - Fixed an issue preventing financial statements to be rounded to the proper number of decimal places.


New Stuff

#993 - Posted and Transaction date now visible on draft journal list


#985 - Location pagination shows correctly
#988 - Fixed an issue where updating settings showed successful when it failed.
#995 - Fixed an issue causing journals to not be filtered by locatoin when drilling into financial reports.


New Stuff

#971 - All Bill Payments and Cash Receipt applications now create a payment object. In addition you can now approve and delete/void payments. Further info here.
#921 - Manual bill payments, once approved, can now be printed onto check stock. Further info here.
#970 - Billing and Shipping Address labels are now selectable on PDF templates.

#977 - Financial reports with long names now export properly.


New Stuff

#950 - Additional field "ID" has been added to customers and vendors. This is an auto-generated sequential value to uniquely identify customers and vendors. This is also now used for all bulk uploads(see new template files).
#948 - Invoices/POs/SOs all have a new button to (re)send customers/vendors an email with a copy of the document.
#340 - Journal bulk upload now uses Customer.ID instead of Agent.name


#966 - Better error handling for invalid dates.
#967 - Improvements to Warehouse create/edit screen. Removed unnecessary fields.


New Stuff

#746 - Save Table Fields, now Save Table Settings, saves your default columns, row count and column sorting per user. For example, you can now set Journal Report to show 100 rows and sort by number by default.


New Stuff

#943 - Purchase Orders now have the vendors default address set as the Billing Address. Also available to be used on the PDF template.
#947 - Purchase Order line items now have custom fields available.
#948 - Purchase Orders can now be issued as a second approval step.


#942 - Journal entry bulk uploads now throw an error if Locations don't match between line items of the same entry.
#941 - Fixed an issue blocking Inventory Accrual account from being set on purchase orders.
#944 - Fixed an issue of items show as blank on document forms when item display setting = "sku".



#418 - Fixed an issue causing invoice/purchase order/sales order line items to appear in the incorrect order. If this issue persists for some documents, edit and re-saving should resolve it.


New Stuff

#930 - Added more features to the Trial Balance screen. You can now run for up to 12 months and run yearly as well.



#929 - Fixed an issue causing pdf templates to not use system timezone for date



#928 - You can now create Accounting Periods before existing accounting periods.



#916 - Fixed an issue causing journal report export to always show in reporting currency



#903 - Fixed an issue causing journal details in audit logs to not show up.

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