#3645 - Fixed bug preventing users from viewing transactions from financials page


#3610 - Hotfix to fix intercom not loading.


#3289 - Added additional retries when querying Binance to avoid ESOCKETTIMEDOUT errors returned from api requests.

#3560 - Fixed bug when selecting an empty field in a combobox.

#3579 - Improved login experience

#3472 - Fixed an issue when exporting the monthly financial balance from current period income calculation modal.


#3346 - Added signup form for API updates in the api docs.
#3135 - Merged in alpha framework for new UI(Beta coming soon!)
#3259 - Added in new table preferences API route for users to store table views with the new UI.
#3363 - Updates to administration site


#3343 - Fixed a rare costbasis issues where coins are not unpicked properly causing users to see a cost basis error that should not happen.


#3201 - Fixed a bug blocking users from bulk uploading crypto transactions with a ledger account not linked to global location.
#3299 - Users can now view the linked customer or vendor when viewing journal details for a journal in the Financial source ledger.
#3171 - Updated API docs with better information regarding filtering an headers.
#3285 - Updated API docs to correctly show PO line items are not required.
#3287 - Fixed a bug preventing users from viewing a purchase orders details when it is not assigned to a warehouse.
#3288 - Fixed an issue causing a cost basis error when the fee coin should be picked from the received amount of a trade.
#3175 - Updated Financial report marked “Entity” to be named “Location” now as that is what it shows.
#3311 - Updates to the authentication page URL
#3172 - Users will now see a more informative error when they have not set the default sales tax account.
#3284 - Updated the API docs to more clearly display what field is referenced between endpoints.
#3286 - Updated the API docs to more clearly state that document line items require either exactly one of description/ItemId/KitId.
#3276 - Updated the default build of a bank journal entry based on the account type instead of the category as category is not always available.


#3263 - Fixed an issue allowing users to select incorrect addresses when editing payments.

#3264 - Fixed an issue where crypto journal process attempts to create a journal when fee cost basis has an error for a transaction.

#3265 - Updated API documentation to help clarify how to filter transaction endpoints by journal status.


#3243 - Fixed a bug that prevents users from updating custom fields for items

#3242 - Added pending column for bank feeds so users can confirm which transactions are pending or cleared.

#3239 - Fixed a bug causing page crash when you filter a table, select a row, then act on a row which results in removed that row from the current filtered view.

#3238 - Auto filling row on Apply Credits page now fills amount properly.

#3218 - Fixed a bug preventing users from removing selected dimension filters from the journal report when editing and re-running.


#3217 - Fixed an issue preventing users from attaching files to journal entries.
#3224 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering draft journals by location.
#3225 - Fixed an issue causing vendor details bill list to not filter by vendor.
#3226 - Fixed an issue preventing users from bulk uploading journals with ICLocation.id equal to 0.
#3223 - Fixed an issue causing crypto wallet details transaction list to not filter by the selected wallet.


#3191 - Users can now enter bills that have a net zero total.

#3136 - Users can now add new vendors/customers directly from the journal form.

#3106 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering on date columns for document detail pages.

#1050 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering draft journals by ledger type.

#1105 - Purchase Order Line Item list is now filtered by location context.

#1107 - Fixed issue preventing users from filtering by quantity on the receive items page.

#3122 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering by posted date on the General Ledger detail screen.

#3173 - Fixed an issue causing an error screen to show when a bank transaction had no category assigned.

#3202 - Users can now add negative and positive line items to a bill during bulk upload.

#3204 - Added dimension name field as column to journal report screen in addition to the dimension ID values.


#3093 - Fixed issue causing fields to stay populated when clicking “submit and new” for ledger accounts.

#3146 - Added number formatting for printed checks.

#3134 - Added ledger account column to payments list.

#3133 - Added bill reference to bill payments list.

#3138 - Fixed an issue causing bulk bill approvals to fail when running for many at a time.

#3147 - Bills can now have discount(negative) line items.


#2696 - Dimensions(CostCenter, Product, Job, Custom1-3, and Items) can now be set as Inactive.
#3003 - Added new settings to allow different font sizes and formatting for PDF templates.
#2133 - When adding addresses, the system now uses google maps API to attempt to auto populate address details while you type.
#1104 - Removed indication that nested tables were able to be filtered when they could not be.
#2642 - Ledger Account subtypes are no longer case sensitive.
#3029 - Moved location of “Budgets” tab to better indicate its purpose.
#3071 - Fixed a rounding display issue (caused by altering currency fraction types to be smaller) when viewing the Reconcile page.
#1939 - Users now have the ability to customize email subject and body with a rich text editor and a few variables.
#3057 - Fixed issue causing users to not be able to view bank transaction status’s.


#2983 - Users can now edit item from items details page

#2992 - Added extra debugging information when a bank fails to link so we can better support issues.

#2993 - When editing a document, the template sometimes showed as Default despite it being set properly. This is resolved now.

#2984 - Provided better error when attempting to create location without “id” value.

#2987 - Added attachments for vendors and customers.

#2988 - Added default currency for vendors. This will default a vendors Bill/PO to this currency when creating.

#3002 - New system setting for date format on PDFs.


#2920 - Fixed a bug preventing users from submitting some forms by pressing “Enter” or “Spacebar”
#2881 - Updated Audit Logs to show timestamp as well as date.
#2903 - Added link to documentation for User Roles page.
#2918 - Fixed the filter for reconciled journals on the Reconcile page.
#2944 - Added item default prices and document created and last updated columns to document detail pages.
#2926 - Users can now opt to receive inventory to an alternate warehouse than specified on the purchase order(per line).
#46 - Added a link between Invoices and Sales Orders.
#2922 - Users can now create a purchase order directly from a sales order.
#2859 - Added ability to create dependent objects on more forms.
#2132 - Added additional bulk actions on many pages (Payments, POs, SOs, Bills)


#2848 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering journal report by journal status.
#2764 - Added new feature to allow users to auto fill bill payment lines.
#2087 - Added a new feature to allow users to create customers/vendors from the add bill/invoice/sales order/purchase order screens.
#2856 - Enhancements for more stable login.
#844 - Added new page to allow users to see a list of roles and what permissions each role contains.


#69 - Updates to the Financial Report Editor, now you can bulk select Ledger Accounts or Account Subtypes when editing a report group.

#1901 - Added new field “Item Purchase Price” associated to an Item. This value will pre-populate bills and purchase orders during creation when adding a line with the associated item.

#2804 - Fixed an issue where Audit Logs for documents may have failed to be created on the first attempt.

#2792 - Fixed an issue where users could not enter an Address or Contact when creating a new customer.

#2808 - Fixed an issue where changing the page size of a table did not actually show extra data.

#2051 - Added new System Settings that allow you to hide Tax fields for each type of document (Invoice,Bill,PO,SO).


#2692 - Added new integration with Plaid for better bank integrations.
#1649 - New feature added for users to create budgets and view budget reports vs. actuals.
#2712 - If a user does not have access to the trial balance page, we now block it when they login.
#2713 - Fixed a cosmetic issue showing users who are limited by location, seeming as if they were viewing global.
#2778 - Updates to increase speed to deploy updates to production.
#2751 - Fixed GET endpoint for address/contacts/purchaseOrders to return successful when no query params are passed.
#863 - Popup text now has a delay when viewing.
#2736 - Fixed an issue preventing dimensions from being viewable on the general ledger detail page.


#2752 - Fixed an issue preventing users from bulk posting draft journals


#2734 - Fixed an issue preventing users from exporting general ledger summary.

#2738 - Added linked purchase order column to bill list page.

#1904 - Fixed issue where bulk upload results specified an error as a csv row number when the error applied to a journal number.

#2711 - Fixed an issue where users could not view all available user roles.


#2669 - Fixed issue causing dropdown boxes to show two highlighted rows when hovering.
#1724 - Added help icons to settings page.


#2592 - Added a new Financial Report Settings to allow you to view reports by dimension compared by two date ranges.
#2660 - Fixed an issue preventing users from seeing forex revalue entries.
#2659 - Added support article for new Reconcile page.
#2602 - Fixed an issue where users could sometimes not submit manual stock adjustments.
#2619 - Fixed support article link for custom dimension pages.
#1941 - Sales price is now set as unit amount when creating a new invoice/sales order.
#1326 - Users can now create cash receipts directly from the bank link screen.
#2652 - Users can now use Vendor’s primary contacts name on purchase order templates.


#2628 - Fixed issue preventing users from linking transactions on bank feeds


#2615 - Fixed issue exporting ledger account table


#1008 - Added “Submit and New” option to many object creation forms.

#98 - Input forms for item quantities now show with commas for large numbers.

#2421 - Customer/Vendor tables now show custom fields.

#2590 - Users can now run Financials by Customer or Vendor.

#1479 - Performance enhancements to transaction list pages.

#160 - Added new report line type “formula” for adding current period net income.

#2419 - Users can now fulfill/receive items in bulk instead of a single line at a time.

#2526 - Added help links to document detail pages.

#2478 - When converting a sales quote to an order, you must now select a sales order template.

#2092 - Fixed a typo when bulk selecting AR Credits.

#155 - Added dates to top of financials report.

#2091 - On Payments pages, hide AR or AP specific columns when on AP or AR pages.

#1098 - Users can now remove accounting years that have not been closed.

#338 - Financial report exports now have improved formatting.

#558 - New Reconcile page has been added, which allows users to reconcile entries against a statement balance.

#1186 - Users can now select multiple bank feed lines to post journals in bulk.


#2497 - Fixed an issue blocking audit log user labels from showing up.

#398 - Added new feature which allows users to set ledger accounts as inactive.

#2476 - Added reference field to sales orders.

#2047 - Added selector for financial report objects to allow you to select which dimensions you want to show.

#2297 - Added line numbers to pdf templates as an option.

#337 - Added save table fields option for journal detail line items based on the source ledger type.

#1892 - Updated Financials to to reflect currently enabled dimensions.\


#2088 - When reconciling bank transaction, only reconcile one line, as the other side may show up in a different account to potentially be linked.
#1851 - Users can now see the historical balance of bank accounts in addition to the current balance.
#2362 - Updates to the audit logs page to improve loading speed and provide more details on who initiated the transaction (user vs bulk vs API vs internal).
#2422 - Users can now create cash receipts with alphanumeric numbers.
#2355 - New detail pages to see list of invoice/bill/sales order lines.
#2289 - Fixed an issue causing journals to sometimes not be posted when bulk uploading bills/invoices
#2420 - Fixed a typo on the tooltip of creating a template PO.
#2442 - Fixed a bug where users could not create a new document if the sum was positive.
#2319 - Fixed an issue preventing users from approving Cash Receipt type payments if they had auto approve AP payments turned on and auto-approve AR payments turned off.
#1106 - Export of PO details will now include the total column
#2325 - Users can now set, at a system level, the decimal precision of the unit amount for documents separate from the currency.
#2410 - Fixed an issue prevent users from viewing the vendors page if they had a specific mix of user permissions.


#2364 - Updates to the link banks page, extra columns to make it easier to group accounts to a set of credentials, and the ability to permanently hide accounts you wish to never show.

#2363 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering by vendor on the PO detail page.

#2356 - Fixed an issue causing currency symbols to wrap lines on POs when you have a very high dollar amount per line item.

#2354 - Removed default ledger account subtypes which are not in use.

#2353 - Added commas to quantity fields for documents.

#2351 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering the General Ledger Summary report by journal status.

#2342 - Fixed an issue allowing user to create locations, via the API, without a currency.

#2322 - Added custom fields for customers and vendors.

#2282 - Posting journals on cash receipt create and vendor credit create now defaults to ON.

#2320 - Fixed issue preventing users from exporting the Purchase Order detail report.

#2392 - Fixed an issue preventing users from viewing vendor credit details.


#2270 - Added webhooks for payment objects
#2281 - Documents(POs/SOs/Invoices) now have a new Email tab on their detail pages so you can track deliverability of all emails sent for the document.
#2279 - Users can now export the list of errors from a failed bulk upload.
#2296 - Added ability to copy a purchase order.
#2280 - Job status is no longer a required field.


#2234 - Cache user info requests in order to query auth0 less, and speed up page load time


#2251 - Fixed issue preventing users from issuing invoices via the API requests.
#2134 - Added more help links to product.
#2218 - Added page numbers to PDF documents.
#2233 - Fixed an issue preventing users from updating warehouses which have linked adjustments.
#2222 - Fixed an issue causing PDFs to still use system timezone for date formatting.
#2249 - Fixed an issue causing users to have to approve a bill twice in certain situations.


#1889 - Location context selector now orders locations by their ID value
#2196 - Kit details page now lists sku of item next to name
#2193 - Fixed issue blocking export of payments if customer or vendor columns were included.
#2197- Fixed issue allowing users to re-open a period despite a year being closed.
#2215 - Fixed spacing issues on pdf templates caused by previous build.
#2194 - Added IC Location to draft journals list.


#2184 - Updated pdf templates to have rich text editing in the bottom notes field


#2108 - Updated PDF template to add ability to show fields in the bottom right of a document.
#2107 - Added approval fields to all documents, and added them to PDF templates.
#2135 - Updates to improve speed of draft journals page.
#2049 - Form enhancements to help users create documents by tabbing between fields more effectively.
#2089 - Purchase Order custom fields are now available via the UI.


#1883 - Better error messages for check sending errors.

#2048 - API documentation updates

#2109 - Fixed error causing notes field to have double spaced lines.

#2046 - Intercompany document entries now prepopulate dimensions.

#2045 - Better error messages when attempting to delete documents with intercompany journal entries.

#2090 - Company logos are no longer required to be square.

#2093 - Added invoice date, due date, and reference as optional columns on the recieve cash page. Also added ability to save table fields on receive cash page.


#2074 - Fixed issue preventing link banks page from loading.


#1813 - Enhanced support for pop-overs.
#1748 - Fixed an issue preventing production cost layers from being visible on details page.
#2052 - Added Customer and Vendor as columns on payments page


#2033 - Fixed an issue blocking users from removing intercompany document journal entry line items on creation.


#1659 - Better handling of login issues with RDP connections.
#1760 - AP and AR Credits are now available as full documents, and new payment/refund types as well.
#1761 - Remove timezones in accounting modules, and consistently show dates instead of timestamps.
#1779 - Moved account name next to account number in the journal report page.
#1817 - Fixed issue preventing users from recording negative stock adjustments.
#1837 - Added externalId to vendors, cash receipts, and vendor credits, available via the API.
#1850 - Set name as a default column for dimension lists.
#1853 - Updated settings page to show Intercompany vs Inter-Company.
#1874 - Fixed issue where pagination disappeared on general ledger summary when expanding lines.
#1876 - Block journal bulk upload from allowing negative debit/credit values.
#1881 - Fixed error causing GL summary to show incorrect currency symbol on some lines.
#1894 - Updates to authentication tokens.
#1896 - Bulk upload for journals now have better errors when debit/credit have bad values.
#1899 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering auditlogs by object id
#1900 - Updated PO PDF template to use “reference” instead of “description”.
#1902 - Added vendor terms.
#1909 - Updated bulk upload with new fields and missing existing fields.
#1910 - Fixed an issue preventing users from filtering on quantity columns for stock.
#1911 - Fixed reports to exclude end of year ‘Closing’ entries as expected.
#1912 - Updated table menu button spacing for better visibility on small screen sizes.
#1922 - Fixed issue preventing users from viewing stock adjustment details in audit logs.
#1923 - Fixed typo in PO email template.
#1937 - Fixed issue with sales quote/order dates.
#1953 - Fixed an issue causing jobs not to be uploaded for bulk invoices and bills.
#1955 - Fixed an issue preventing users from linking bank accounts to ledger accounts.
#1970 - Voiding invoices with a custom description now adds it to the journal line description.
#1971 - Added tax amounts to PDF templates.
#1976 - Fixed an issue preventing users from creating inter company entries when the document was approved/issued.
#1983 - Document lines now show job name instead of number
#1984 - Fixed an issue preventing emails from being sent if the company name has a ‘,’ in it.
#1985 - Document form line items now default amounts to zero instead of one.
#1990 - Users can now add a memo when applying AR payments/refunds.
#2008 - General ledger summary form now respects system date.


#1812 - Updates to bank linking, allowing users to more easily refresh their updates and credentials.
#1849 - API documentation updates to show journal transactions as array vs an object.
#1854 - Fixed an issue where invoice/bill bulk uploads were failing if tax amount was added for each line. It now defaults to 0.


#1819 - Create journal template no longer copies document references.
#1821 - Fixed an issue where journals created from bank transactions pre-filled the form with todays date instead of the bank transaction date for some bank account types.
#1822 - Changed "Bank Feeds" to "Reconcile" in name.
#1816 - Added help links for custom dimensions and tax codes.


#1780 - Fixed an issue preventing status filter from affecting financial reports.
#1604 - Added three new custom dimensions to all documents and journal entries, each can be toggled on and off for each document type.
#862 - Added ability to provide sales tax for all document types.
#1738 - Updates to Kits to handle tax and custom dimensions.


#1789 - Location account picker not pulling in first 25 entries correctly.


#1777 - Location account selector now updates list properly, when location is changed.


#1749 - Fixed issue causing completed productions to have incorrect price when large quantity is used.
#1753 - Sales Order fulfillment journal entries fixed.


#1708 - Users can now filter stock adjustments by date.


#1644 - Improved email deliverability.
#1602 - Added new payment type "refund", this can be applied to Sales Credits (negative invoices).
#1679 - Improved aging reports. You can now see point in time balances for AR/AP aging.
#1692 - Scalability improvements to bulk journal upload.


#1668 - Fixed an issue preventing users from drilling into customer/vendor details on aging pages.


#1581 - Fixed an issue on the check detail page allowing check images to overflow.
#1580 - Fixed an issue causing warehouse detail pages not to show up.
#1512 - Improvements for displaying audit log users for multi-tenant systems.
#1623 - Fixed an issue where draft journal transactions show in reporting currency instead of posting currency.
#661 - Added two new settings to allow payments for AR and AP to automatically be approved, to speed up bill and invoice payments.
#1626 - Fixed an issue selecting bank accounts not linked to ledger accounts.


#1238 - Increased security for data storage
#1097 - Fixed an issue causing old contact details to populate the form when you add a new contact.
#1551 - Fixed an issue causing item detail page to not load.
#1420 - Custom Fields of select type can now be update possible options.
#1552 - Added a button to copy bills.
#1490 - Add a proper error when trying to create a kit with the same item type twice.
#159 - A better error is now shown when you attempt to create a journal with mismatched debits/credits.
#1556 - Unissue button for purchase orders are more clear now.
#1328 - Enhanced functionality for select boxes.


#1554 - Fixed an issue where editing purchase order lines, resulted in editing multiple lines simultaneously.
#1514 - Fixed alignments of financials reports to be full width.
#800 - Added new button to create a copy/template of an existing journal entry.
#1524 - Fixed an issue causing document total lines to not be aligned properly.
#1516 - Fixed an issue causing the financial report to not be full screen height after resize.
#1525 - Added headers 'freezing' for month over month financial report.


#1518 - Multi-tenant users can now filter list of tenants prior to selecting.


#1330 - Fixed an issue preventing users from paying invoices/bills which resulted in totals rounding to more decimal places than the currency allows.
#1205 - Fixed an issue where year end closing entries did not delete when the year was re-opened multiple times.


#755 - Added two new settings to hide cost centers and jobs.
#253 - When bulk uploads complete, there is a delay now before the modal closes.
#1213 - Increased reliability of cost basis and bulk upload notifications.
#1075 - When you filter for a customer or vendor in some lists, you can now filter by ID or name field.
#1245 - On customer and vendor detail pages, you can now view journals just related to that customer or vendor.
#1099 - Fixed an issue allowing users to create a location with duplicate IDs.
#1289 - Added total to the first column of AP/AR aging reports.
#1183 - When filtering on tables, added a wait time when typing to avoid premature filtering/sorting.
#1313 - Fixed an issues preventing users from verifying vendor addresses when sending checks.
#1288 - When viewing financials, you can now scroll and the header column stays visible.
#1067 - Users now have the option to view links in a modal or open in a new tab.


#1287 - Added ability to resize name column for financial statements.
#1284 - Fixed issue causing journal report to not display in proper reporting currency.
#1250 - Updated AR/AP Aging exports formatting.


#1286 - Added AP Account as a column on the bill list.
#1302 - Fixed an issue preventing users from creating an invoice with custom fields.
#1292 - Added a new EU region.
#1325 - Fixed an issue causing financial total lines to be offset slightly.
#1327 - Added due date to the bill detail screen.
#1284 - Fixed an issue causing journals to not show in reporting currency on the journal report.
#1290 - Updated the journal export to use “Customer” instead of “Agent” to better align with the journal bulk upload.
#1312 - Fixed an issue causing some dates to show as todays date in PDF previews.


#1228 - Enhancements to speed up journal report.
#1185 - Better user errors for bulk uploads that have file errors or no rows.
#1291 - Overhaul of Forex revaluations to better handle multi-level multi-currency consolidations.
#794 - Manufacturing for inventory management, users can now take inventory items and manufacture them into new items
#1235 - Inventory cost basis enhancements and speed improvements.


#1358 - Fixed an issue preventing users from voiding invoices linked to cost centers


#1315 - Fixed an issue preventing drill downs of financials from not matching figures shown due to not pulling from the end of the day.


#1297 - Fixed an issue introduced with the last release, hiding buttons from bank feeds.


#1272 - Fixed issue preventing users from filtering by journal ID column in journal report, this also resolves issue causing table columns to re-hide.
#1242 - Removed ‘Closing’ entries from financials journal drill down.
#1246 - Fixed an issue causing financials journal drill downs to not respect journal status.


#1236 - Fixed issue preventing users from exporting trial balance with empty rows.


#1211 - Fixed issue blocking users from adding templates.


#1168 Fixed an issue causing the Global column in financials from showing balances in empty rows.


#1036 - Fixed an issue exporting locations when all columns selected.
#1108 - UI enhancements
#1115 - Updated UI to have additional tab titles for detail pages.
#1125 - Fixed an issue causing custom field settings page to not show properly.


#1136 - Fixed issue with hiding/unhiding columns in tables


#1127 - Fixed issue preventing users from expanding general ledger details, and issue preventing IC Accounts from showing


#995 - Updates to authentication and new multi-tenant feature.
#1066 - Tab titles now display page specific information.
#981 - Warehouses are now associated with Locations instead of Adjustments to ease inventory by entity management.
#1005 - Updates to help prevent bad forex rates.
#1043 - Fixed an issue causing invoice types with spaces to have underscores.
#1045 - Fixed an issue allowing users to edit invoice types from custom fields page.


#996 - Fixed an issue preventing trial balance filtering by journal statue.
#918 - Enhancements to application loading time.
#957 - Fixed an issue preventing journal lists from filtering by posted date.


#939 - Fixed an issue causing IC document journals to default to incorrect accounts in preview.
#900,#793 - Updates/enhancements to inventory costbasis
#792 - Inventory now supports multi-currency adjustments
#917 - Enhancements to audit logs.
#966 - Fixed an issue making it difficult to enter fulfill quantities for fulfilling sales orders.


#923 - Highlight rows when selected in a table.
#924 - Fixed an issue where locations with long names had text overflowing from context box.


#852 - Fixed issue preventing users from seeing back transactions from previous months.


#799 - Fixed issue preventing filtering draft journals by locations.
#806 - Updates to bank reconciliation table.


#784 - Fixed an issue causing tables to sort when a column is resized.
#785 - Fixed an issue causing columns to disappear when sorting.


#748 - Fixed broken help article link for bills page.
#757 - Default “status” column to hidden for draft journals list.
#652 - Added ability to void cash receipts which only have voided payments.
#735 - Trial Balance page resizing now working properly.
#663 - Added page number to audit log table.
#751 - Enhancements to table resizing.
#753 - Fixed issue where filtering with a multi-select did not hold values.
#758 - Fixed an issue causing item names to not display for PO Line Item detail list.
#789 - Fixed an issue preventing ledger accounts export when all fields are selected.
#752 - Fixed an issue preventing table resizing when table is scrolled to the right.


#682 - Fixed an issue preventing filtering via FX revalue column.
#666 - Fixed an issue preventing users from editing forex rates during month end revaluation.
#529 - Scaling enhancements for paginating through audit logs.
#552 - Improved performance for pulling forex rates.
#608 - Fixed a typo when bulk deleting. “Deleteing -> Deleting”.
#664 - Fixed an issue causing the financials page to not reload when updating system location context.
#665 - Fixed an issue preventing users from updating a draft journal’s currency.


#hf - Fixed an issue causing invoice and purchase order default line item type to always use ‘item’.
#607 - Fixed issues with pagination on some tables.


#606 - Fixed capitalization of Intercompany in settings page.


#588 - Year end closing entry now ignores previous closing entries when calculating.
#336 - Journal details now show AR and AP related fields when possible.
#496 - Better error messages when failing to create custom fields.
#335 - Updated tables to use multi-selects for columns when possible.
#561 - Added warning when closing a period that has un-posted journals.
#586 - Fixed an issue causing tables to load slowly due to them requesting data twice.
#53 - Added ability to reverse a posted journal from the details page.
#578 - Updated journal report to allow multi-select of source ledger filtering.


#553 - Fixed an issue causing vendor detail bills from not filtering.
#490 - Updated table date filter
#510 - You can now edit invoices in bulk
#503 - Added customer description to invoice customer selector.
#504 - Added new system setting to default document line items by type (description/invoice/kit).
#477 - Fixed an issue allowing users to edit invoice posting dates to be in the future.
#487 - After a bulk job completes, the list of jobs refreshes to show latest job status.
#506 - Journal detail now breaks out intercompany and elimination lines for clarity.
#494 - System company settings no longer requires phone number.
#508 - New invoice bulk action to download multiple PDFs simultaneously.
#509 - Added customer and vendor to General Ledger summary.
#530 - Enhancements to speed up year end closing.
#559 - Single Currency systems can now post journals in the future
#562 - Fixed an issue preventing users from editing draft


#447 - Update API docs to show address/contact endpoints
#456 - Added new reference field to invoices
#483 - Performance enhancements for draft journals page
#502 - Product name and id are available on invoice templates now
#399 - New Purchase Order Detail page, can now export all line items


#390 - Added Customer to list of options for cash receipt select.
#269 - Added button to pull crypto price rate when adding a manual transaction.
#449 - Fixed an issue preventing intercompany lines from showing in journal detail modal.
#97 - Added ability to create journal entries for invoices and bills.
#460 - Fixed an issue preventing items from being created


#379 - Fixed an issue where financial reports were not inverting balances on export.
#332 - Added ability to edit draft journal entries when viewing their details.
#357 - Fixed an issue preventing trial balance break down by currency to not include elimination entries.
#346 - Added more descriptive errors to bulk journal uploads with mismatching inter company locations.


#345 - Fixed an issue where stock adjustment journals were not getting created.
#340 - System scaling and speed enhancements.
#333 - General Ledger export is now ordered by account number.
#331 - Added ability to bulk issue invoices.
#334 - Default order of document pages, now shows most recent first.


#hf - Fixed an issue causing journals to not manually post


#290 - Fixed an issue causing failed check payments.
#309 - Deprecate old services.


#252 - Scaling enhancements for journals.
#119 - Added more '*' for printed check values.
#262 - Added icon next to date selector, to better indicate it can be changed.


#222 - Fixed an issue where the bill pay screen doesn't paginate.
#195 - Fixed an issue preventing vendor payment exports 


#204 - Editing draft journals may display a date off by the timezone difference of a users computer vs the system timezone.
#156 - Financial statement accounts now show in order by account number.
#207 - Updated Bill date field from "Bill Date" to "Invoice Date" for better consistency.
#164 - Fixed an error preventing users from editing cash receipts.
#39 - When creating or editing a document you now must click cancel in order to close the window.
#206 - Fixed an error where filtering journals by system job fails.
#223 - Bill Pay and Vendor Credit list don’t filter by location.


#181 - Fixed formatting when paying a bill by a vendor credit.
#196 - Fixed broken link for default user profile picture.


#117 - General Ledger summary export, brand new report.
#hotfix - Fixed an issue causing General Ledger Detail to not export.
#hotfix - Updated inventory costbasis speed.


#139 - Removed ability to delete top level report group.
#140 - Sorting by customer/vendor ID fixed, sorts as numbers now instead of text.
#71 - Fixed an issue allowing accounts to post to parent locations.
#153 - Added the ability to edit report groups in line(name and inversion).
#152 - Fixed an issue causing financial reports with inverted groups to display incorrectly.
#154 - Fixed an issue causing exported reports in certain excel versions to not display indented rows.
#158 - Fixed an issue causing images not to load in the latest update of chrome.
#135 - Vendor credit number field can now accept text as well as numbers.


#134 - Financials exports display values as numeric accounting format now.
#117 - Fixed an issue preventing contacts from being updated.
#hotfix - Fixed an issue making it difficult to enter currency values.


#103 - Click to view reconciled journal from bank feeds.
#77 - Location filtering for draft journals page
#102 - Bank feed transactions now post in system time instead of UTC.


#90 - New setting for enabling intercompany elimination entries. See this for for information.
#79 - Widened report editor.
#78 - Auto-close Forex modal when successfully revaluing entries.
#80 - Performance enhancements to some tables.
#3 - Reworded some bulk action confirm boxes
#1 - New Setting for cash receipts which allows them to never be applied to invoices, and just used as a store of value.



#1069 - Fixed an issue causing year end dates to be inaccurate for accounting periods.
#1072 - Fixed an issue causing bulk journal uploads to fail some times.


New Features

#1020 - You can now edit the name of Global Location.
#1038 - Hovering over a Ledger Account input with lots of text will give a pop up revealing more text.
#1044 - Bulk upload windows automatically close on success.


#1035 - Fixed an issue preventing an address from being selected for a payment.
#1039 - Links to some help center articles were incorrect.
#1041 - CSV exports display an error if they fail, instead of spinning forever.
#1061 - Report builder menu now closes when you click outside of it.


New Features

#1007 - Currency values now left justify the currency code/symbol to provide a cleaner look to reports.
#1004 - You can now add "Item SKU" to PDF templates.
#1019 - A new setting is available to allow you to hide the Location ("00 -") value from financial statements.


#1010 - When copying an invoice the date fields are not blank forcing the user to review the copy before blindly creating.
#1003 - Fixed an issue causing inverted report group totals to not show as inverted for Global location.
#1014 - Filtering account subtypes when adding an account or account subtype to a report now works.
#1034 - General ledger detail now shows transactions for child locations.


New Stuff

#982 - General Ledger Page is now split. Summary contains the previous GL report, and "Detail" contains a single account running balance report.


#989 - Fixed an issue allowing a vendor or customer to have multiple default addresses.
#1000 - Fixed an issue causing draft journal export to fail if certain columns weren't hidden.
#1001 - Fixed an issue blocking bulk selection when selecting individual rows.
#1002 - Updated create duplicate buttons to create "template".



#994 - Fixed an issue preventing financial statements to be rounded to the proper number of decimal places.


New Stuff

#993 - Posted and Transaction date now visible on draft journal list


#985 - Location pagination shows correctly
#988 - Fixed an issue where updating settings showed successful when it failed.
#995 - Fixed an issue causing journals to not be filtered by locatoin when drilling into financial reports.


New Stuff

#971 - All Bill Payments and Cash Receipt applications now create a payment object. In addition you can now approve and delete/void payments. Further info here.
#921 - Manual bill payments, once approved, can now be printed onto check stock. Further info here.
#970 - Billing and Shipping Address labels are now selectable on PDF templates.

#977 - Financial reports with long names now export properly.


New Stuff

#950 - Additional field "ID" has been added to customers and vendors. This is an auto-generated sequential value to uniquely identify customers and vendors. This is also now used for all bulk uploads(see new template files).
#948 - Invoices/POs/SOs all have a new button to (re)send customers/vendors an email with a copy of the document.
#340 - Journal bulk upload now uses Customer.ID instead of Agent.name


#966 - Better error handling for invalid dates.
#967 - Improvements to Warehouse create/edit screen. Removed unnecessary fields.


New Stuff

#746 - Save Table Fields, now Save Table Settings, saves your default columns, row count and column sorting per user. For example, you can now set Journal Report to show 100 rows and sort by number by default.


New Stuff

#943 - Purchase Orders now have the vendors default address set as the Billing Address. Also available to be used on the PDF template.
#947 - Purchase Order line items now have custom fields available.
#948 - Purchase Orders can now be issued as a second approval step.


#942 - Journal entry bulk uploads now throw an error if Locations don't match between line items of the same entry.
#941 - Fixed an issue blocking Inventory Accrual account from being set on purchase orders.
#944 - Fixed an issue of items show as blank on document forms when item display setting = "sku".



#418 - Fixed an issue causing invoice/purchase order/sales order line items to appear in the incorrect order. If this issue persists for some documents, edit and re-saving should resolve it.


New Stuff

#930 - Added more features to the Trial Balance screen. You can now run for up to 12 months and run yearly as well.



#929 - Fixed an issue causing pdf templates to not use system timezone for date



#928 - You can now create Accounting Periods before existing accounting periods.



#916 - Fixed an issue causing journal report export to always show in reporting currency



#903 - Fixed an issue causing journal details in audit logs to not show up.

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