This page describes the work flow involved with paying vendor bills.


This diagram shows all the steps you can take while paying a bill:

A bill can be paid from three different sources. Below are the steps for each source.

Manual Payment or Printed check

  1. Manual payments are a way to mark bills as paid and potentially print the associated check to send to the vendor.. You can mark a bill as manually paid from the Bill Pay screen. For more information see here.

  2. Each bill payment creates a payment object. From here you can approve or delete the payment object. 

  3. Once approved you can print the check or void the payment. For more information see here.

Send a Check

  1. SoftLedger can mail check payments to your vendors automatically. For information on setting up Check Payments send us a message!

  2. The payment flow is the same as Manual payment with one difference. When the payment is approved, the check will be created and mailed to the vendor address you've selected.

  3. Once the check is mailed it cannot be voided.

Vendor Credit

  1. A vendor credit can be created following instructions here.

  2. A vendor credit can only be applied to bills with the same currency.

  3. Once a credit is applied a payment object is created. The payment can either be deleted or approved from here.

  4. Once approved the bill and vendor credit are updated. The payment can also be voided. For more detail on payments see here.

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