Manage and view Payment details for Cash Management>Receive Cash>Payments by clicking on the Payment ID and viewing this page:


Approve - Confirms the Payment, updates the associated documents. For check Payments, this will mail the check.

Edit - For a 'created' Payment, you can modify some details of the Payment.

Void - Approved Payments can be voided. This will reverse the approval.

Delete - Created Payments can be deleted.


In the Payment detail screen, there are three tabs: Details, Transactions, Audit Log


This tab contains the full details of the Payment. Additional fields to the Payment list screen are:

  • Customer - The associated customer with the Payment.
  • Ledger Account - For a manual or sent check, this is the account that is used for the Payment.
  • Address - This is the address a manual or sent check will use to deliver the check.


This view shows all of the journal entries related to this Payment:

Audit Log

This view shows all historical events related to this Payment:

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