This section walks through the steps required to pay vendors by printing checks.


  • Purchase compatible check stock.


Create Payments

Follow the steps here to create one or more Manual bill payment(s). Each bill payment will create a new payment object.

Update Payments
Follow these steps to associate the check number from your check stock, set an optional address, and confirm the payment date/memo to be printed on your check.

1. Navigate to Cash Management, Pay Bills, Payments Screen and click the edit button for the payment.

2. Edit the Payment details

The following fields will directly affect the printed check

  1. Payment Date - This will be the transaction date of the payment journal entry as well as the date printed on the check.
  2. Address - You may select any of the vendor's addresses. This will be printed on the check.
  3. Check Number - Optionally set the check number for record keeping. This will NOT be printed on the check, but should be copied from the check it will be printed on.
  4. Amount - This will be the amount printed on the check. Note that editing the amount here will update the payment journal entry and bill payment amount.
  5. Memo - Optional memo to be printed on the bottom of the check.

** You may continue to update the payment until it has been approved.

Approve Payments
Next a user with permission will need to approve each payment. Once the payment has been approved it can no longer be edited. If there is an issue you will need to void the payment and create a new one.

Confirm Check
After the payment is approved the Print Check button will be visible:

The print check screen displays the text that will be printed on your check. All the text within the black border will be printed on your check stock.

The fields numbered in red refer to the following payment properties:

  1. Vendor Check Name, if the vendor does not have check name set, then the vendor's name field will be used.
  2. Payment payment date.
  3. Payment amount.
  4. Payment amount written in text.
  5. Payment's address.
  6. Payment's memo.

Print a Check
If this is your first time printing on check stock, we recommend the following steps to ensure successful printing.

  1. Print the check on plain white paper.
  2. Hold the printed "check" in front of your check stock with a bright light behind it.
  3. Confirm the fields line up correctly. 
  4. If they do not, you can try to adjust your printer margin settings. If you have any issues don't hesitate to contact our support team!

Once the fields line up property, record any adjusted printer settings for the next time. Then print directly on your check stock.

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