SoftLedger has the ability to add elimination entries for intercompany invoices and bills.


Follow the instructions here to enable intercompany entries.

Default Accounts:

These accounts will be used to help pre-populate fields for the intercompany entries as seen below.


Creating the entry

For any Bills/Invoices that have an Intercompany Location set you will see the following icon:

Clicking this icon will allow you to create an intercompany document journal for this entry:

The top section of this input modal provides full detail on the bill/invoice you will be creating this entry for. Most of the inputs will be pre-populated using system default accounts, bill/invoice line item accounts, and bill/invoice line item amounts. These can all be adjusted for each journal to handle your company's needs.

Managing the entry

Once the entry is created, it can be viewed and managed from the Journals -> IC Document Draft Journals page:

From here you can view, edit, delete and post the entry.

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