Manage the available tax codes to be used in objects: Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Bills, and Invoices throughout SoftLedger.

Navigate to Settings>Tax Codes


Add new Tax Codes:

Edit and Delete existing Tax Codes:

Required Fields

  • Code - This will be the name of the Tax Code (e.g. VAT) referenced in objects once created.

  • Rate - The percentage Rate (e.g. 15%) to automatically calculate tax amount for the total amount of the object.

  • Tax Account - The account (e.g. Sales Tax) to automatically account the value calculated using the object total amount multiplied by the Rate.

Optional Fields

  • Description - Extra text field to further identify this specific Tax Code

See an example Tax Code setup for "VAT" taxes below:

Once the above Tax Code has been created, you can select the code when creating an object within SoftLedger, such as a Sales Order:

Note:  Tax Codes are meant to be convenience settings to pre-populate and calculate amounts where tax can be applied, but the tax account and rate can be adjusted on a line by line basis.

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