AP Credits are used to record a reduction in Accounts Payable, either for credits against existing Bills or amounts owed by Vendors. AP Credits are different from Vendor Credits, as it is its own document for a particular Vendor, and that is never applied to a particular Bill. Vendor Credit is a credit amount that is created for a particular Vendor in Accounts Payable and later applied directly against a Bill in the Pay Bills tab of the Cash Management module.

Manage AP Credits from this page:

Add/Edit AP Credit

Enter all required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank AP Credit to complete.

Vendor - The vendor for the AP Credit (click the + icon to Create New Vendors)

Reference - Optional text field to include a reference for the AP Credit

Invoice Date - Date of the AP Credit

Posting Date - Journal posted date of the AP Credit

Location - Location to post the AP Credit in

Intercompany Location - Intercompany Location to post the AP Credit in

Due Date - Date the AP Credit is due

Currency - currency AP Credit is created in

AP Account - Ledger Account to use as the Accounts Payable side of the journal entry

Purchase Order - optional field to link to the AP Credit with an existing Purchase Order

Line Items:

  • Item/Description/Kit - click to toggle between a description/item/kit line item.
  • Cost Center - The line items associated cost center
  • Job - The line items associated job, only this customers jobs will be available
  • Product - The line items product.
  • Expense Account - if the line item is a description type, this will be required as the alternate side of the journal entry from the AP Account
  • Quantity - Number of items (multiplier for amount to create total)
  • Amount - Price per item
  • Tax Code- Select the tax code to apply a percentage tax to the AP Credit
  • Tax Amount - Populated from the Tax Code or manually entered
  • Total - Calculated by taking (Quantity * Amount) + Tax Amount

Drop here to add attachments - Drag and Drop attachments to upload them and associate them with the AP Credit

Notes - Long form text field for extra information regarding this AP Credit


  • When an AP Credit is created, its status is 'created', and associated journal entries are created in 'draft' status.
  • An AP Credit's journal entries cannot be modified, you must edit the AP Credit itself and the associated journals will be updated.
  • Once an AP Credit is approved, the journal entries will be posted.


Details - Click the AP Credit number to view the AP Credit's detail Page. For more information see this article: AP Credit Detail

Attachments - Click the blue paperclip icon on the AR Credit row to view a list of the AR Credit attachments and download.

Approve - Click the approve icon to approve the AP Credit. This does the following:

  • Set the AP Credit to status 'approved'
  • Posts AP Credit's associated journal entries

Edit - Click the edit icon to update the AP Credit fields

Create IC Document Journal - Click to create an IC document journal entry for this AP Credit

Void - Click the void icon to void the AP Credit. This does the following:

  • Sets the AP Credit to status 'voided'
  • Posts a journal entry reversing the issued entry.

Delete - Click the delete icon to delete this AP Credit

Bulk Actions

Select multiple checkboxes next to the AP Credits and then click Actions:

Delete Selected - Any selected AP Credits will be deleted. If an AP Credit is selected that cannot be deleted it will be skipped.

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