SoftLedger creates payment objects when a Bill is paid (either through applying a Vendor Credit or entered manually). You can see a list of payments under Cash Management>Pay Bills>Payments:


The following information is available for payment objects

ID - Unique identifier for the payment.
Type - The type of payment: Vendor Credit, Manual, Check, Cash Receipt, AR Refund, and AP Refund.
Status - Current status of the payment: Created, Approved, or Voided.
Location - Entity associated with the payment.
Invoice - Invoice associated with cash receipt payment.
Bill - Bill associated with AP payment.
Cash Receipt - Linked cash receipt for AR payment.
Vendor Credit - Linked vendor credit.
Payment Date - Transaction date of the payment, for checks this will be the date on the check.
Posted Date - Date the check will be posted to the ledger.
Memo - Brief text about payment. For checks this will show on the check memo line.
Check Number - For sent checks, this is the auto-created check number. For printed checks this is manually assigned by the user.
Amount - Total amount of the payment


Approve - Confirms the payment, updates the associated documents. For check payments, this will mail the check.

Edit - For a 'created' payment, you can modify some details of the payment.

Print Check - Approved manual payments can be printed as checks.

Void - Approved payments can be voided. This will reverse the approval.

Delete - Created payments can be deleted.

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