Cut and send checks to vendors directly from SoftLedger to complete payments in your Accounts Payable process.



Before you can send checks, be sure to set up your credit card and bank account information, for which you can review the process in the Checks - Payments and Bank Setup support guide.


Note: This feature is only available to customers on annual plans. Talk to your SoftLedger Sales representative, or contact to learn more.


Check Sending Process

Before sending checks, be sure to update and verify the vendor address for a check to be sent to from the Accounts Payable>Vendors section. When an address has been added, it needs to be verified for a check to be sent to the address for the vendor (see green check mark icon below):


Once you have confirmed and verified vendor addresses, navigate to the Cash Management>Pay Bills section, where you can select Send Check as the Payment Method and choose the Bank Account to send checks from:


Enter in the payment details (e.g. amount, date, memo) for a Bill(s) before clicking the Submit button to move this to the Payment section.

Note: Checks will not be sent out at this stage, but only once the Payment has been approved. With that, be sure that the Auto Approve AP Payments system setting is not On to be able to send checks from SoftLedger.


On the Payments tab under Cash Management>Pay Bills>Payments, click the Approve button on the Payments for Type: Check, which will send a check to the Vendor for the payment amount coming from the bank selected in the previous step:



Once approved, you can review the tracking details and check information of the check when clicking into the Payment details (clicking on the Payment ID) and navigating to the Checks tab:


Contact for any questions or feedback for this process.