When running cost basis, you may come across errors that cause this process to stop at a transaction that is unable to run through the cost basis process for various reasons.


The errors in the cost basis process will be displayed at the top of the module in a red error text. For this article, we will use a Crypto cost basis error for example, but the process works the same for Inventory cost basis errors.


The main cause for cost basis not completing is that the amount of "Sent" or "Fee" coins (or quantities for Inventory) for a transaction is greater than the amount of that coin on hand at the time of the transaction.



Let's walk through how to resolve the most common error:


1. Evaluating the error

There are a few pieces to this error that will help you troubleshooting:


Transaction #241653

  • This is the ID# of the transaction causing the issue.
  • Filter on the ID column to immediately find the transaction causing the problem. You may need to unhide the ID column from the crypto transaction list.


Timestamp: 2018-02-16 21:13:19

  • This is the timestamp of the transaction causing the issue
  • In most scenarios you will want to filter by this date, so you can see transactions surrounding the transaction in question, in order to get more context for the error.


Cost Basis Error: Not Enough Coins, Need 500.00000

  • This is a brief message describing the issue.
  • This means that this transaction tried to send ("Sent" coin) or pay ("Fee" coin) more coins than were available at that time
  • The second part states how many coins the system tried to send or pay for that transaction, but could not be completed.


2. Gathering more information

Keeping the same example error, let's filter on the Transaction ID, and see which coin is causing the issue (extra columns hidden to simplify the picture):



Taking a look at this transaction we notice the following things:

  • This is a Trade, where we are Selling ("Sent") 500 TRX (Tron), and paying the Fee in 0.00000825 ETH (Ethereum)
  • The Wallet in question is "Binance"
  •  The Fee Cost Basis has a value and cost layers, this tells us that the Fee coin is not the issue and it's cost basis was calculated successfully
  • The Sent Cost Basis has a warning symbol, this tells us that the "Sent" coin is our issue. You can click on the Sent Cost Basis warning to view the error



3. Fixing the error

Now we need to determine what transaction(s) is missing from the system:

  • Did we miss a deposit of TRX to our Binance wallet?
  • Did we miss a transfer of TRX to our Binance wallet?
  • Did we miss a trade of a different coin into TRX?

In this case we forgot to add in an airdrop of TRX(Tron) into our Binance Wallet.


In order to fix this we just need to add our airdrop in. So we go to Crypto->Transaction, then click Add Transaction:


After we click submit, the deposit will be added, and you'll need to run the cost basis process again. Once it's complete our error should be gone.


Now we can see that there is no longer an error with this transaction, our cost basis is set correctly, and we can click to see all the cost layers.


4. What next?

You'll be in one of two situations from here. If there are no more errors, that's great and we are all done! If there is a new error for a different transaction, you will need to repeat the steps on this page.