SoftLedger allows companies to set up their organization hierarchy and controls for which ledger accounts can be used within that hierarchy. This article describes the way SoftLedger handles posting journal entries to nested locations and ledger accounts restricted by location.



The first thing to setup for this relationship is the Location structure:


Choose the parent location for each new location when setting up to control where that location will roll up to, all the way up to the Global location.


Next, you can set up the availability of each ledger account within these locations through the account setup:


Select the location in the ledger account creation process, and toggle the Include Child Location field On or Off (the toggle controls whether or not this Account can post to the child locations of its selected location).

Note: A ledger account can never post to a parent location of its selected location.


Say we have the following location hierarchy:


If we have the following Ledger Account:


This ledger account can post to the following locations:

  • United States
  • Marin
  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Portland
  • San Diego
  • Boise

If you toggle Include Child Locations to Off:


Then you would only be able post with this ledger account to the United States location, and not the Global location above it, or the children locations below it.