Create, edit, post, or delete Journal Entries in Draft status from here. 



Add or Edit a Journal Entry

Enter all required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank Journal to complete.

The Journal entry will be created in 'draft' status.


Required Journal Fields

These are the required fields to be entered for the entire Journal Entry:


Entry Type

  • Standard - Normal Journal Entry.
  • Reversing - Journal will reverse on the date you choose. If this is selected a Reverse Date field will show. A reversing journal entry will have extra line items with reverse debit/credits and a posting date equal to that of the reverse date.

Reference - Short text field for this Journal Entry.

Transaction Date - The transaction date for this entry (Must be between Jan 2nd, 1999 and before or equal to today's date).

Posted Date - The date the Journal Entry should be posted on (this is the accounting date).

Currency - The posting currency of the debits and credits for this entry (this can be different than the Location's reporting currency).

Location - The Location/Entity to post this entry to.



Optional Journal Fields

These are non-required fields entered for the entire Journal Entry:


IC Location - Intercompany Location to post this entry to.

Customer - Customer associated with this entry.

Vendor - Vendor associated with this entry.

Notes - Long form text field associated with this entry.

Attachments - Attach files to this Journal Entry.



Line Item Fields

Fields that are entered on one or more lines within the Journal Entry:

  • Ledger Accounts - Line Item account
  • Dimensions (Cost Center, Custom, etc.) - Line item dimension
  • Description - Short text field for the line item
  • Debit - Must be greater than or equal to 0 (Sum of the Debits and Sum of the Credits must be equivalent)
  • Credit - Must be greater than or equal to 0 (Sum of the Debits and Sum of the Credits must be equivalent)

Note: You can add multiple additional lines to the Journal Entry by clicking the 'Line+' button.


Draft Journal List Actions


The following actions are available for the Journal table from the Actions column on far right:

  • Post -  Posts this journal entry. (This cannot be un-done. Once Posted, a Journal Entry cannot be changed. You will need to post an entry that reverses the one in question.)
  • Edit -  Update Journal Entry.
  • Delete -  Delete this Journal Entry.
  • View Journal Line Items - Expand the row in order to view the Line Items for a Journal Entry. (Click the dropdown arrow on far left of any line within the table)

Bulk List Actions

Click all or some checkboxes on the left side of the rows of the table to be able to perform bulk posting or deleting of Journal Entries.





IC Document Draft Journals

Intercompany Document (Invoice/Bill) Journal Entries can be managed from the second tab in the same way with the information above. For more information see this support article: Intercompany Document Entries