Overhead are costs that can be added into Productions used when turning raw materials into finished goods. Some examples of Overhead would be electricity, labor, or rent. Manage your Overhead here.


Create Overhead

Complete all the required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank Overhead to complete.

  • Name - Name of the Overhead.
  • Type - Type of the Overhead.
  • Description - Short description.
  • Ledger Account - Ledger Account used for the Overhead lines of the Production finished/WIP Journal Entries.
  • Currency - Default currency to be used for this Overhead.
  • Cost - Default cost to be used for this Overhead.

Overhead Individual Actions

  • Edit -  Update Overhead fields.
  • Delete -  Delete this Overhead (could fail if it is being used by a production).

Overhead Table Actions

  • Filters - Filter what appears in the table based on one or more fields available in the table.
  • Saved Views - You can create a set of filters that you would like to save to be able to quickly filter a table.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.
  • Export - Table data can be exported using the export button at the top of the table.