Kits are sets of items that are grouped together and can be added to documents such as Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Bills. Manage Kits from here:


Add Kit

Enter all required fields and click submit. You can also click the down arrow next to the submit button and click 'Submit and New' to open a new blank Kit to complete.


  • Name - Kit's name.
  • SKU - Unique SKU for the Kit.
  • Description - Short text field describing the Kit.
  • Item - Select Item(s) and their associated quantities to be included in the Kit


Kit Individual Actions

  • Kit Detail - Click the Kit Number to view extra details about the Kit.
  • Edit - Update Kit fields/Items.
  • Delete - Delete this Kit (could fail if another object is using this).

Kit Table Actions

  • Filters - Filter what appears in the table based on one or more fields available in the table.
  • Saved Views - You can create a set of filters that you would like to save to be able to quickly filter a table.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.
  • Export - Table data can be exported using the export button at the top of the table.