Why sign up for a SoftLedger trial?

The SoftLedger trial is a great way to explore and learn about our enterprise accounting platform. We do limit trials to 14 days (but feel free to ask for an extension if you need more time) and it doesn't matter if you are a potential customer or partner -you can use the SoftLedger trial to:

  • Click around at your own pace  through our features and capabilities. Get comfortable with creating structures and dimensions, posting journals, invoices and bills, and then run reports. Invite and share with your other users.
  • Use our 101.1 trial company exercise guide to walkthrough all of the basics. The 101.1 exercise is designed to be an introduction to implementing the SoftLedger platform during your trial period. You will learn navigating the platform, key terminology, and working with the primary features used to build your accounting structure, process financial transactions and produce financial reports.
  • When ready, test drive with your data - upload your structures and dimensions, legacy data and transactions - start your implementation!

What is the 101.1 trial company exercise?

The 101.1 trial company exercise and supporting content can be found here. This exercise should take 60-90 minutes to complete. The content includes:

  • 6 part exercise that starts with navigation and setting up a company, Abacus Global. Abacus Global has multiple entities, operates in multiple currencies. 
  • Once you've set up Abacus Global's structures and dimensions you'll learn how to post and upload journals, invoices and bills.
  • The exercise includes sample files for uploading.
  • Apply your learnings to your own data!
  • Explore additional SoftLedger capabilities (more exercises coming soon) such as:
    • Working with crypto currency coins and wallets, processing deposits, withdrawals, transfers and trades in SoftLedger's digital asset ledger. Check out he financial transaction automation and impact.
    • Setting up items and warehouses and working with SoftLedger's inventory capabilities including bill of materials, kits/assemblies. Raise, fulfill and invoice customers against sales orders. Process purchase orders, receive and match bills from vendors.
    • Connect to your bank and credit cards.
    • Examine SoftLedger's APIs for developing automation, integration and extending your own products and services through embedded accounting.

How can I get help?

As well as full access to our knowledge base here, feel free to explore our API documentation. We're here to assist, so let's talk about your requirements, where you might need a helping hand or need to do more wit your trial.

Just reach out using:

  • Our trial support calendar - set up a 1-1 Trial Support Meeting.
  • Send an email to trialsupport@softledger.com
  • Thinking about embedded accounting, or building and your own solutions using the SoftLedger enterprise accounting platform? Want to apply to our partner program and chat with the partner team? Visit and contact us via the partner team application page, give us a little background and we can work with you on the perfect partnership for your situation.