Use the below instructions only if your account has been populated with sample data. First, it can be helpful to review the SoftLedger Basics video:

Trial Options

  • Run a Balance Sheet report from 1/1/2018-12/31/2018 under Reports>Financials
    • Navigate to the 'Cash' line under Global and drill into the figure to see the journal entries making up this ledger account
  • Run a Journal Report and try different filters to slice the data to more easily find a subset of journal entries
    • Once run, add in more columns from the column selector in the upper right of the report 
  • Link a bank account to review transactions linked to bank or credit cards
    • Review the bank feeds for that account and book journal entries straight from the feed
  • Create a customer with your email address included and then create an invoice to be issued to that customer
    • Review the email template sent - if you'd like to adjust the invoice email, navigate to 'Templates' from the Admin menu
  • Crypto
    • Create a crypto wallet and then add in an integration to review transactions
    • Navigate to the coins tab and change the system date in the upper right to see different balances as of different dates
    • Drill into the individual coin by clicking into the blue-highlighted symbol to see balances by wallet