Depending on the chosen date ranges to run for the Trial Balance, the sum of the debit and credit balances may not balance. This is because of the different treatment between balance sheet accounts and income statement accounts.

Difference in B/S and I/S Ledger Accounts

Income Statement and Balance Sheet accounts are fundamentally different, so there will always be a difference in how they're displayed. Income statement accounts (Revenue and Expense Type Ledger Accounts) only show activity for the current month, whereas Balance Sheet accounts (Asset, Liability, and Equity Type Ledger Accounts) show cumulative balances.

To view a Trial Balance that does balance, you will need to run the report with the duration for the report set to begin from the start of the set Accounting Period (fiscal year start) set up within SoftLedger, and be sure that prior periods have been closed properly. Review the Accounting Periods article for more information on that.


This treatment in Ledger Account Types results in any monthly view only showing current month activity in each monthly column, meaning the debits and credits in any monthly column sum will not balance. However, this will balance in total, as the total includes all income/losses for the selected period.  If you need to run a monthly Trial Balance and get it to balance, you can export to CSV and then use a formula to update the balances for any Revenue or Expense type accounts, to include prior activity for the fiscal year.