While there is a default Trial Balance report included in the reporting module, it may be beneficial to create a Trial Balance in the custom report editor for enhanced control and customization of the report. A few reasons you might want to create this report:

  • Run from specific dates (e.g. Jan 15 to Feb 15)
  • Exclude Ledger Accounts or Ledger Account Subtypes not wanted in the Trial Balance

Trial Balance Custom Report Setup

  1. Create a New Report under Admin>Reports
  2. Title the report "Trial Balance" (or any other name)
  3. Click the vertical three dot icon and Select Accounts
  4. Select all the Ledger Accounts or Ledger Account Subtypes desired to bring into the Trial Balance report (it is recommended to map by Subtype)
  5. Save the report and then run it in the Reports>Financial module.

Check out the report editor article for more details on custom reports.