SoftLedger is constantly working to put out a modern and flexible product that can work for any business needs and challenges. With that, sometimes there are known limitations that we have documented and on our roadmap to be addressed. We consistently reevaluate these limitations and prioritize accordingly to deliver our customers the most relevant and impactful updates and releases.

To help our customers have better visibility of these known limitations, we have listed them below

Known Limitations

Export missing data error

Limitation using unrecognized characters in an export, such as Japanese or Chinese characters, this can corrupt the export file to not include all data from the table this has been exported from.

Solution: Hide the columns from the Edit Display icon that contain the unrecognized characters, or adjust the entries that contain the unrecognized characters.

General Ledger Summary report exports 500 rows only

Limitation: The GL Summary export truncates rows of data at 500 for each Ledger Account in the Summary Report due to limitations with exporting data from a browser.

Solution: For any truncated Ledger Accounts in the Summary Report export, run a GL Detail Report for those Ledger Accounts and export to add to the Summary Report export.