Enter your credit card(s) information to have on file as payment methods for options in SoftLedger such as check sending services.

Note: This feature is only available to customers on annual plans. Talk to your SoftLedger Sales representative, or contact to learn more.



Credit Card Information

Enter your credit card information to start the process for credit card verification.


Required Fields:

  • Payment Email - the Email Address at your organization to handle the payments to SoftLedger for the check sending service (e.g. Accounts Payable contact).
  • Card Details - Credit Card information for payment to SoftLedger at the end of each month.


Credit Card Table Actions

  • +New - Add a new Credit Card.
  • Set Default - set which Credit Card is used as the default Credit Card (this Credit Card will be used for billing by SoftLedger for the check sending service).
  • Delete - Delete the Credit Card.