In SoftLedger, you can add fields to certain objects when the default canned fields don't supply enough or the right criteria for your organization. Create and manage custom fields for objects such as Customer, Invoice Lines, or Purchase Orders from Settings>Custom Fields.


*Notes: Please contact support if you have requirements to add custom fields to an object not currently listed.


Add Custom Field

Select the Type of custom field to be created and then click +New


Most custom fields will have the below inputs:

  • ID - Unique name/reference for the field (Note: spaces are replaced with '_' ).
  • Label - Label that will be visible in the User Interface.
  • Type - The Type of object to create the custom field for, with the following available (this controls how users will input date for this field):
  • Text - Plain text field.
  • Number - Numeric field.
  • Date - Date field.
  • CheckBox - Boolean field of checked On or checked Off.
  • Select List - Dropdown box with several predefined options (requires Select List Data).


Important Considerations:

  • Invoice Types are created on the +New Invoice screen on the Accounts Receivable>Invoice tab. See this article for more information: Invoices
  • The maximum number of fields per object is 10. If you require more, please contact



Custom Fields Table

  • Edit - Edit the custom field created.
  • Delete - Delete the created custom field.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.


Example of JSON Select List

Select List Data - JSON representation of input values, example below:


"_id": "tacos",
"label": "Tacos"
}, {
"_id": "hamburgers",
"label": "Hamburgers"