Edit or Delete a Journal Entry created from a Bulk Upload.

Find and Edit the Journal Entry

You can edit journals in 'draft' status from the Journals page, found under Financial>Journals. From there you will see a list of Journal Entries that are available to be edited, deleted, or posted. Note that once a journal is posted it cannot be deleted or edited.

In addition, to help with locating the correct journal entry, you can filter the list by the Journal bulk upload job ID.

To find the Bulk Upload Job Id, go to Financial>Bulk Journal Import, locate the row with the bulk upload job, and copy its ID value (highlighted below)

From there you can go to the Journals page, and unhide the system job column to the table view:

Now Paste the Job Id to the System Job filter to help narrow the list of journals to show only the ones created from that bulk upload job:

Then you can proceed to edit the Journals within this filter as needed.

NOTE: This workflow can be used to delete journals uploaded from an upload done in error. Once the Draft Journals are filtered by the desired SystemJob, you can bulk delete upto 100 journals per click. 

Rows default to 25 per page, but can be raised to 100 per page.