To completely remove activity from one SoftLedger Location and add that activity into a new SoftLedger Location, follow the below steps.

Filter the Journal Report for Posted Journals in that Location

  1. On the Journal Report, select all columns from the Edit Display icon.
  2. Create the below quick filters to select all Posted Journals in a particular Location that you want to move activity from.
  3. Export to Excel

Excel Adjustments

  1. Save a copy of the exported excel file from the steps above without any adjustments and title it "Original Posted File without any adjustments".
  2. Create a copy of the file and title it "Location Posted Reversal File".
  3. In Location Posted Reversal File, swap the debit and credit column headers, replacing "debit" with "credit" and "credit" with "debit" and save the file.
  4. Now take the Original File and change the Location.Id column to the Location ID of the new SoftLedger Location where you are moving these entries (e.g. if the old Location had an ID of 0 and the new Location has an ID of 1, change that value for all rows in the column from 0 to 1). Title this file "New Location Posted Upload File"

Upload to SoftLedger

  1. Before uploading your new files, be sure that the Accounting Periods are open for all Posted Dates of the Journal Entries to be uploaded.
  2. Upload the Location Posted Reversal File through the Bulk Journal Import.
  3. Upload the New Location Posted Upload File through the Bulk Journal Import.

Adjusting any remaining Draft Journals

  1. If there are only a few Journal Entries to update, you can easily edit each Journal Entry on the Journals screen and change the location (in that case, you can disregard steps 2 and 3 below).  If there are more than 20, it's probably most efficient to follow steps similar to the process for Posted Journals: be sure that all columns are included in you Edit Display icon, and then quick filter for Journals with the Status of Draft and from the Location you are removing the Journal Entries from.
  2. Export to Excel and save the file as "Original Draft File without any adjustments".
  3. Navigate to the Financial>Journals tab and filter for the Location you are moving the Journals from. Once filtered, you can bulk select up to 100 Journals at a time from the checkboxes on far left and then click "Delete". Be sure to delete all Journal Entries under that Location filter. 

Uploading Remaining Draft Journals

  1. Take the "Original Draft File without any adjustments" and adjust the column from the old Location's ID to the new Location's ID (same as done for the Posted Journals process).
  2. Save the file as "New Location Draft Upload File" and upload via Bulk Journal Import.

Important Considerations

  1. Before completing this process, be sure that all Ledger Accounts used in Journal Entries for the old Location can also be used within the new Location. You can check a Ledger Accounts permissions from the Financial>Accounts tab and reviewing the "Location" the Ledger Account is assigned under, and whether the Include Child Location flag is Yes or No.
  2. Be sure to check the Accounting Periods for the date duration that the Journal Entries you are reassigning spans. If you try to upload Journal Entries into a closed Accounting Period, you will receive on error upon the bulk upload process.
  3. The Journal Entries being uploaded to the new Location where you are reassigning these entries will be uploaded in Draft status, just like all Bulk Journal Imports, so be sure to go through and Post the Journal Entries as you see fit. This can be done with bulk actions.

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