The Location Picker is accessible in the top left of your screen from the box next to the hamburger menu in the top left (this will generally start with "Global" selected in the box). Control the data represented in tables in your SoftLedger system by Location through making a selection the Location Picker:

Determine which Location by selecting it in the above window and then closing. The Location selected will determine what data is represented in tables across the system, as well as be used to autopopulate in Documents (e.g. Journals) when created.


System Effects

The Location Picker will limit the data shown in the tables of your screen by filtering anything not posted to the Location picked or its Children. For example, selecting United States in the example above would only display data that has been logged under United States, New York City, and San Francisco. The Trial Balance, General Ledger, Journal Report, Financials, and Aging reports (to name a few) will all filter data this way. It's important to be sure you are in the right Location when viewing data in your system, so be sure to be deliberate with the Location selection.


User Effects

Users can be limited by Location. This is beneficial if you want to restrict specific users to only post transactions and view data to/from certain Locations and their Child Locations. Navigate to the Users support article to learn more about how to adjust a User's settings.