This page provides information regarding the security and data storage best practices that SoftLedger follows. Keeping your data secure and available is of top priority. Please contact if you would like to know more.



  • 256 bit encryption.
  • All data is encrypted at rest.
  • Softledger uses TLS1.2.
  • User based permissions based using OAUTHv2.
  • Application only access. Users have no direct database access.
  • The principle of least authority (POLA) is followed for Server/Network/Application access. Employees are given only those privileges necessary to do their duties.
  • Accounts are locked after multiple incorrect password attempts.
  • Multi-factor authentication.
  • Secure password policy focused on length vs complexity as this is a better representation of security(NIST).


  • Hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Multi-region(datacenter) replication.
  • Continuously backed up with a 7 day recovery window.
  • Recovery time of < 24 hours with less than 1 hour of lost data(typically closer to 5 minutes).