Create standard or custom crypto Coins and their associated Ledger Accounts from here. In addition, review the value and cost basis of your crypto inventory by date from here as well.



All data represented in the table are AS OF THE SYSTEM DATE. You can select different system dates to see historic values of Coin inventory. The Coins and data listed are across the entire SoftLedger system, meaning all Wallets and all Locations.

  • Name - Name of the Coin.
  • Symbol - Symbol for the Coin (usually 3 letters).
  • Market Rate - Market Rate for the Coin as of the System Date, represented in your Crypto Home Currency.
  • Quantity - Quantity of the Coin 
  • Value - Value of the Coin (Market Rate x Quantity).
  • Total Cost Basis - Sum of the Cost Basis for the Coins as of the System Date (will not be accurate if Cost Basis has not been run successfully for all transactions).
  • Unrealized Gain/Loss - The total unrealized gain/loss for the Coin (Value - Total Cost Basis).


Add Coin

Enter the below required fields and click Submit.

  • Type
    • Standard - Choose from a list of exchange traded Coins.
    • Custom - Create a custom Coin as either an additional version of existing coin (e.g. Bitcoin Customer Holdings) OR a Coin that isn't traded across exchanges to add your own rates against.
    • Fiat - Create a fiat representation (e.g. USD or EUR) Coin to be able to track fiat movements within the Crypto module.
  • Coin/Currency - Either selected from a pre-defined list (e.g. BTC) or entered manually for a custom Coin.
  • Name - Either selected from a pre-defined list (e.g. Bitcoin) or entered manually for a custom Coin.
  • Rate Coin - For custom Coins only, select an optional rate of a Coin to mirror for the market rate of a Coin. For example, if you wanted to create a second instance of Bitcoin (e.g. Bitcoin Customer Holdings), you would select BTC as the Rate Coin for the create custom Coin.

When adding a Coin, you will notice that there are four Ledger Accounts created automatically by the system to track the movements and use of the Coin:

  • () Asset
  • () Transaction Fee
  • () Long Term Realized Gain/Loss
  • () Short Term Realized Gain/Loss

These Ledger Accounts once created can be reviewed and edited under the Financial>Accounts section.


Coins Individual Actions

  • Coin Detail - Click into the Coin Name to review Coin details such as Name and Symbol, as well as see a list of balances for the Coin across Wallets, and all transactions involving the Coin.
  • Hide Coin - Hide a Coin from this screen, as well as from dropdown lists throughout the system (e.g. Creating a Transaction). This effectively deletes the Coin, but will keep any historical transactions against the Coin.

Coins Table Actions

  • System Date - Adjust the System Date in the upper right corner to control the data represented in the table to be as of that date.
  • Column Selector - Hide and reveal extra columns and the number of rows visible in the table per page.
  • Export - Table data can be exported using the export button at the top of the table.