Determine which dimensions are available throughout your SoftLedger system for Documents such as Journals, Invoices, and Bills. The canned dimensions available are Cost Centers, Products, Jobs, and up to three custom dimensions. Set your dimension settings from Settings>Dimensions.



Toggle Dimension On and Off

When a dimension is completely toggled off, this dimension is removed from all document types (including Journals), or when everything is toggled on, then the dimension is available on all documents. Below, Cost Centers would be available on all Documents and Products would be available on none:


With the above settings, you would see Cost Centers available and Products not on something like a Journal Entry:

Custom Dimensions

In addition, there are up to three custom dimensions that can be added as part of your Financial makeup. Enable these dimensions per document type for what makes most sense for your business:


The custom dimension "Brand" above has been enabled for Invoices and Sales Orders, but not Bills or Purchase Orders. This dimension will also be enabled for Journal Entries, as this dimension is always available once a custom dimension is enabled. If you would like to only have a dimension available on Journal Entries and no other documents, then your setting would look like this:



Note: The custom dimensions will need to have a name other than Custom1, Custom2, and Custom3 or else you will receive an error on save.

Also Note: Names cannot include spaces, and minimum of 3 characters & maximum of 26 characters.


Once you have enabled any of these dimensions and clicked "Save" on your settings tab, you can add to the list of available options for that dimension under the Financial tab, and selecting the dimension to edit:


Once you have added in custom dimensions, you can use them in bulk uploads by adding a column to the bulk journal, invoice, and bill upload templates with the name of the custom dimension followed by ".id". So in our "Brand" example above, the column header would read "".